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Tag: bill

  • Night Coffee

    Our compromise is a late night coffee with fake sugar in it. It’s absolutely not pie. We got the garbage out while we were brewing a fresh half pot. Apparently, being in the hospital is an excuse to not do the garbage. He did it last time he got out of the hospital the same […]

  • Breaking Down The Girl

    In order to bring my child back to life, I’m going to have to bend her backwards to my will for a bit. She says that sounds painful, but I’m flexible, sir. That’s how she is, you know: a challenge arises and now she’s ready to tackle it. I will say this one time: use […]

  • Obituary for Mr. Bill

    My elder cat died today. He was not my first cat ever, but he was my first purely indoor cat. He was my support animal. And I think he still is, honestly, it’s just that now he’s a spirit or a ghost rather than a physical body. It really doesn’t matter because I loved him […]

  • Diego & Super_Fox#8259 [NSFW]

    Diego must have read his conversation with Super_Fox ten times, mulling over every word. There was no way it wasn’t his woman, it was just too bizarre. Too uncanny. Too much like his sassy future wife. Once the little icon that indicated she was online winked out, he started to write to her in Discord. […]

  • Showing Daniel His Room Max tugged on his leash, trying to break free to explore on his own. Daniel commanded him to sit and stay. He really didn’t know what was getting into his mutt. Just as he opened his mouth to ask he saw a cat tower nearby, which Max was staring at because there was a […]

  • Magic in the Bedroom After sharing that magical moment, Max came to nose his way between the two humans. They smiled at the pupper, knowing he just wanted to be part of the cuddle party. “Why don’t you sit on the couch with him? I’ll be right there,” she told Diego. She wanted to put on a little […]