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Tag: bandanna man

  • Dear Grocery Girl,

    It’s only been three days since we’ve made eye contact, but I miss you. I know I’ve never said hello or even told you my name, but I want to resolve that. I want to sweep you off your feet and make you my wife forever and ever, really, but I understand there are a […]

  • Flirting.

    There she was. Flirting with the hottest guy in the room. At least, I thought so. She was leaning into the palm of her hand, engrossed, her eyes on him. At least, at first. I don’t know if I made a noise or something, but she looked my way almost as soon as I noticed […]

  • Joe’s Thoughts

    “I wish there was a woman out there for me,” he thought to himself. He was feeling particularly defeated that day; he had hoped for the third shift in a row to see the beautiful, amazing woman he’d laid eyes on in the super market. She had eluded him. After three weeks of consistent eye […]

  • Dead Eye Joe Gets an Upgrade

    I feel bad nicknaming the man in the deli “Dead Eye Joe.” The first time I saw him, his eyes were dark, like there was no reason to live any longer. I know how that feels. I know it in my bones, actually, because I don’t particularly want to live anymore myself. However, perhaps just […]

  • I’m Sick

    Something catastrophic has happened to my person. It’s really difficult to explain without telling all the details, so perhaps I just need to write a book describing it. I feel like there are many lessons being learned and if all of humanity could learn them with me, we might be blessed with peace and prosperity […]

  • Striving For Change

    She found herself howling in fury at the attackers in her head. It was 1:00 AM when she lost her cool for the final time. She’d been entertaining asshole narcissists for at least a year now. A nonstop barrage of bullshit. Lies, excuses, and so much more. She turned her face to the heavens and […]