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Tag: angel of love

  • Asshole Tax

    The man with grey eyes is on my brain today. After at least one week of reprieve, I am now hearing him all over again inside my mind. I wish the things I heard were reality, but I’m sure they’re not. Why would a man I’ve never held a conversation with think about me? Especially […]

  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

    God tells me the deli men miss me. I’m like, “Wait! HOLD UP! Men? As in more than one?” That’s exactly what I’m saying, Sansara. Men. Thousands of men daydream about you being in their arms. But, they don’t daydream being in love with you. That’s why we never go anywhere or meet anyone. That’s […]

  • Joe’s Thoughts

    “I wish there was a woman out there for me,” he thought to himself. He was feeling particularly defeated that day; he had hoped for the third shift in a row to see the beautiful, amazing woman he’d laid eyes on in the super market. She had eluded him. After three weeks of consistent eye […]

  • An Apology

    “I wish she’d come back,” he thought to himself… and then she was there, like nothing ever happened. He’d opened his mouth and inserted foot yet again. He should apologize, he thought, though he knew not how to do so. “I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have tried to make you prove yourself. That was the stupidest […]

  • He calls himself “Rat Face”

    I asked him to stop calling himself that. He can’t hear me, I’m way at the back of his mind, buried under daily bullshit and active thinking. I feel sad about that… because I rather like him. When he’s not busy putting himself down and he’s instead a hopeful creature, he imagines dancing with me. […]

  • Flirting?

    You know, I keep telling myself that I’m autistic, I just don’t understand human flirting… but I really do understand it. It’s just that the rest of humanity sucks. I just looked up an article all about eye contact (you can read it here, if you wish) and I’m quite disappointed. I think the cashier […]

  • “A Day In The Life Of” (Cont’d)

    She met her goals for the day, wouldn’t you know. All but one: making the elusive donut waffle. It’s not that she didn’t have the reagents on hand. Far from it: she had conjure at least 100 waffles, she’d wager. There was something else holding her back. It wasn’t Sir Deli Man – perish the […]

  • Invisible Monsters

    He keeps taking away from her. One layer at a time, peeling her back like an onion or ripping a petal off the rose with each challenge. He wants her to expose her true nature: a devil dressed like an angel. That’s his perception of her and he will not change his mind, no matter […]

  • The Universe(TM) is my BFF

    If you hadn’t noticed, I love adding the trademark indicator to stupid common phrases. I think it’s funny. I hope you do, too. I have this notion that a world of pain is coming my way. Emotional pain. I’m still sort of connected to the most vile bastard I’ve ever met in the back of […]

  • The Man of My Dreams

    I have been daydreaming for over a year and, now, I can finally daydream the man of my dreams. I shall conjure him out of thin air, I suppose, using only my words. My voice. The man I am coming to know calls himself Daniel, though that’s not entirely relevant to this conversation. I want […]