Tag: affirmations

  • Where Salt Goes, Water Follows

    Is that why tears are salty, she wonders? Why do we cry? What’s the point? After being called Crybaby Crystal about a dozen times, she vowed to give up crying. To toughen up. To keep the bullies from bullying her. It worked, but at what cost? My tender angel died for the first time in […]

  • Tai Chi Wake Up

    TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE, NARCISSISM, PEDOPHILIA Sansara rolled out of bed, groaning as she did. Her right shoulder and left hip were partially dislocated. This was the story of her life after working in computers for a few decades and, as most people fail to, not getting enough regular exercise. Crystal told her for the fifth […]

  • Shame

    My shame stems from failure. My ego said everything was right. It said we couldn’t fail. It said he loved us. It said he was the real deal. It said I wouldn’t be happier with anyone else. It said a lot of things. Between that and my selfish desire to share my feelings, I went […]

  • New Concept: Open Therapy

    I signed up for BetterHelp.com to try to get some online therapy. I’ve got this nagging inner voice that is very masculine in nature and definitely not me that just won’t quit most of the time. I signed up, explained where I am in life, and started blogging. I paid $260.00 for a month’s worth […]

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