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  • Doughnut Waffle Recipe

    Bienvenue! A really simple recipe that tastes like donuts once topped with maple syrup! 2.00 cups oat meal (any kind)0.50 cups cassava flour1.50 cups mineral or spring water0.50 cups avocado oil2.00 tbs vanilla extract0.50 tsp nutmeg Combine oats and water in blender and allow to sit for ~20 minutes.Add all other ingredients after absorption time […]

  • Dinner with Sansara/Lightning Strikes Finally! They were seated at a table. She informed Diego what she wanted for dinner and made him order it on her behalf, which he found odd. He thought back to chauvinistic displays in days of yore, where men did that sort of thing. It never seemed to be from a place of love, […]

  • Moving in with Diego Sansara stood at the entrance of the apartment for a long moment to stare at Diego like she’d never truly seen him before. He had no idea what to do as the gorgeous woman stared at him, the epitome of plain curiosity on her face. Her eyes searched his before sliding from his face […]

  • My Last Night On Earth? I don’t know what to say anymore. I’ve been lied to a million times by this voice in my head. It’s told me that I’m everything from the messiah to chopped liver and the points that exist between. I’ve been listening to The Invisible Man’s plan for eons and tonight he told me to […]

  • Gold Star Ancient Fruit / Lamb Chops

    Tonight’s dinner is lamb chops and mixed veg. Exciting, I know. It’s probably not as appetizing in black & white as in full color, but I enjoyed it. The only thing that didn’t agree with me in this dinner is the bell pepper in the mixed vegetables. I won’t be buying those again in the […]

  • How to Hurt a Telepath

    Jerome is being adamant that I am a telepath again. I don’t agree with him one bit. If I knew how to read minds, I would never miss out on groceries at the store. I’d always know exactly what I should buy to replenish the coffers. I would know what my ancient ones want to […]

  • Reprise: I’m a ‘Stalker’

    I got off-topic last entry so I’ll try again. There is this guy in the grocery store that I see once in a month or so, at random. One of the times I saw him — September of last year — he caught me staring at his back. He turned around and our eyes met, […]

  • Clothing That Fits

    I really hate it when my weight fluctuates and everything gets too tight. It’s so uncomfortable. I love soft, stretchy materials because I can bloat several inches from eating the wrong food. Most food is the wrong food, sadly. I think I’ve got SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), so I keep trying to chew my […]

  • Mixing and Chilling

    [Profanity warning] I’ve been feeling terrible as of late. My diet is slipping. I’m slipping back into terrible habits. The war against food is a mighty one. I bet you know all about that, yourself. I’ve been working on my personality and traits for a long time. I’ve spent so much time alone that I […]

  • Thought Swimming

    [Profanity Warning] I saw a man with Down Syndrome (presumably) at the supermarket the other day. He gave me the most brilliant happy smile. I couldn’t help but smile back! I stepped outside of my comfort zone, too. I said, “Hi” as I passed him in the deli. He was wearing a sunshine yellow shirt […]