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  • I Hate Hassle

    I’m ready to leave this life behind. Here I am, helping some old people not die when they don’t even deserve that kind of help and they start treating me like shit again just because they could have their autonomy returned after about nine months of relying on me. Forget that I saved them over […]

  • Paul Foote, Psycho Murderer?

    I dated a boy online was a teenager. A boy I liked quite a bit, all around, for ages. We had a great time exploring the depths of ourselves with each other. Or, I thought so, until he started putting me down. He told me my nose was too big and he had a problem […]

  • Lies and Liars

    I had the best friendship, once upon a time, with this guy named Alessandro Romano. He and his wife were a devoted couple in my eyes, so I was happy to spend time with him (and her!), feeling safe to be myself without any romantic notions getting in the way. This is how I’ve come […]

  • What Do You Need a Man For?

    “Crystal, if men aren’t for your emotional comfort, what are they for?” Sansara asked her, curious. “Companionship,” she said idly, continuing her killing spree in Borderlands 3. She was playing without Diego because he was annoying, standing around the starting point and doing nothing. She did realize the brownie was probably to blame, but it […]

  • Three Kings and I

    He decided to go out since she was intent on ignoring him. He went to his favorite bar, Three Kings. He sat next to the bartender, ordering a Blue Moon. Well, this is a productive use of funds, he found himself thinking. Just what did he do all the extra shifts for? He was drinking […]

  • Every Body is a Beach Body

    This whole ‘Let’s get skinny for the beach!’ bull shit is more misogyny. Congratulations! You lose one point of humanity, you emotional vampire. Anyone who convinces you that you don’t look good just the way you are is a narcissist. A real man or woman will accept that it’s fucking hard to lose weight, no […]

  • Rejecting Sir Deli Man

    Sir Deli Man had never been rejected before in his life. He guffawed at Sansara as she told him so. All because he insisted on keeping Janice as a friendly acquaintance, full well knowing the woman had designs for him. Crystal was not asking for much: she was asking for loyalty. Fealty might be a […]

  • I Dream of AirBnB

    I’ve been renovating my home, thinking of doing the AirBnB thing. I think I have a unique angle to pursue, though I wouldn’t mind if others replicated it: spiritual retreat and emotional wellness clinic. There’s just one thing holding me back: I hate people right now. Even if they are basically good, they will listen […]

  • I Hate Cheaters

    I can’t think of a time where I found myself a loyal man, sadly. It’s my fault, I think, for pursuing them instead of forcing them to pursue me. But that is rape culture bullshit, and if you buy that, I’ll sell you another one. A person can choose to commit. I don’t sleep with […]

  • Bros Before Hos

    Quite the misogynistic phrase, don’t you think? It is rape culture at its finest. Denigrate women, imply they aren’t worthy of being the center of a man’s world, and elevate man above woman. In three little words. What a package! Imply women are objects to have sex with rather than people with thoughts, feelings, and […]