• New Perspective on Daryas

    Jeez, I dunno where to begin with this shit show. Don’t you think he did Crystal dirty? He did it on purpose, too. He failed to tell her he was in an open relationship for more than five months before they met. He omitted the fact he slept beside a woman every day and then […]

  • Sweat [NSFW]

    Diego reached across the bed and found nothing there. Or, rather, no one. Crystal was gone. He sat up, concerned he’d had another fantasy about sleeping with the bewitching woman, finding himself in her bed. Her cats were snuggled up alongside him nonchalantly, as if he’d always been part of their lives. He stroked each […]

  • The Legend of Daryas IV

    (cont’d from 6/1/2022) I thought I learned my lesson about rape, but there was one thing I didn’t learn in time to save another life: Sleeping with a woman without telling her that I was in an open relationship is RAPE. I raped Crystal. She forgave me, ultimately, but drew a hard boundary to keep […]

  • Hot As Hell [NSFW]

    She sat there, sweating even though she hadn’t moved in over an hour. Fans blew air around her apartment languidly. The heat was unshakable. Her back still ached, despite all her muscle knots releasing thanks to the humid air surrounding her. She sighed, telling herself winter was only six months away. That’s all. She stretched […]

  • The Legend of Daryas III

    (cont’d from previous entry) Rape culture is so pervasive, it’s hard to get away from it until the entirety of it is explained to you. Our global society is oversaturated in it at this point. Photograph manipulation to remove flaws (magazine covers, photos online, Angelina Jolie’s tits in Tomb Raider, pockets where men shouldn’t be […]

  • The Legend of Daryas II

    (cont’d from previous post) I honestly and truly thank God for the opportunity to get to know this woman. To get to know Crystal Scordias. Without her, I would have walked around, hanging my head in shame for eternity, convinced that I was a ruthless murderer and rapist. That there was no way to be […]

  • The Legend of Daryas

    This could have been me, so listen up. My name is Daryas. I’m 41 years of age and an alcoholic. I love beer. Pretty much any kind of beer but my favorite kind is pale ale. I drink a six pack every day, just about, but I’m trying to taper off to quitting. One thing […]

  • There Is A War Inside Me

    I’m an idiot. I spend years cultivating playlists and then like it didn’t take any effort, I just delete the fucking things. I’m ready to kill myself, that much is plain to see. I’ve been hemorrhaging things to Goodwill all week. I call it cleaning, but I always give away too much. I get sick […]

  • I Found The Cure For Cancer

    God’s a brat (and so am I.) What a day! I am currently grateful for Clorox bleach products. The mess I’ve inherited is so difficult to clean up that I’ve been spraying Clorox products on the bathroom tile and just leaving, letting it do its magic to whiten the grout and remove stains. I’ve almost […]

  • Camila, Manny, and Charlie [NSFW]

    TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE, BESTIALITY, DOMINATION, SUBMISSION, VULGARITY, CHILD ABUSE Manny came home to a very naked Camila, completely akimbo on the bed, masturbating while looking at something on her phone. He was curious what his wife was looking at as she pleased herself, but she turned her phone off as she saw her husband approach […]

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