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  • Gratitude Is Key

    I am grateful for… The Universe(TM) saving my stupid ass from starving to death. Thank you, Universe. I love you. Having a roof over my head despite being a drain on society right now. Thank you, Universe. I love you. The ability to change course in the middle of my life. My flexibility and ability […]


    Metatron is my best self, I’ve realized. The me who tries to make everything less personal so I don’t have to have emotions about it. I don’t have to have feelings about everything happening to me or around me. I don’t have to have feelings about losing my job, moving back in with my parents, […]

  • Meeting My Future Self

    We are all on the same trajectory, all of us humans. The trajectory of self-realization. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we must fulfill some basic needs before we can achieve it. The body must be safe, i.e. there is no fear of expiry or lack of nourishment. The mind must be safe, i.e. there’s […]

  • Enlightenment Hurts

    Grab a packet of Post-Its, a pen, and a mirror. For 30 seconds, write down every thought you have about yourself (without overthinking it) as you look into the mirror. Assess these things and then put them aside. Later that day, look at each Post-It and rate it on a scale of 1-10 for how […]


    I’m nuts. I gotta be. A few days ago, I was at a merge point in the road. It went from two lanes down to a single lane. This is a typical point where speedsters enjoy using the lane that ends to cut off other drivers. I was driving the speed limit, and suddenly I […]

  • My Path Is Sacred. Is Yours?

    I found these mantras incredibly soothing. Maybe you will find the same. The enchantress who created this is certainly blessed in the realm of relaxing music. Thank you, Universe. I am on a quest for true love, friends. I died one day in 2020 and The Universe(TM) (or God, if you will, though I’m STILL […]

  • Finding My Inner Glow

    I’ve been taking a course regarding raising my vibration. Vibration directly equates to emotional content, where the lower it is the more negative we tend to feel. Raise Your Vibration The 8th of 21 tasks for raising one’s vibration is to make a list of go-to activities that make one feel happier, more go-lucky, more […]

  • The Man of My Dreams

    I have been daydreaming for over a year and, now, I can finally daydream the man of my dreams. I shall conjure him out of thin air, I suppose, using only my words. My voice. The man I am coming to know calls himself Daniel, though that’s not entirely relevant to this conversation. I want […]

  • What makes you think you can win the game of love?

    LOVE IS NOT A GAME. THERE ARE GAMES AND THERE IS LOVE. Playing games is the epitome of hatred. You are playing with someone’s heart. You are manipulating them while they should be heaping love onto you. They might not be heaping love onto you, but then that’s on them for hating you. You can […]

  • Fighting Demons

    As if the challenges of the modern world were not enough, I’ve gone bat shit crazy. I used to be sane. I really did. I used to just be myself. I hope one day to be myself again, though I’d miss talking to the voice inside me that responds to God (or, more accurately, The […]