• Hypnosis & Past Life Regression

    I have PTSD from the word regression, I just realized. (Only a QA would get that.) I’ve been researching hypnosis and applications of it. First thing I learned is that street hypnosis is bollocks. It’s crap. It’s conman territory. It isn’t real, just like you figured. Of course, this was far from my mind, because […]

  • Pear-Blueberry Smoothie

    1 pear, chopped (and peeled, if you’re a pansy) 1 cup blueberries 1 cup water 1 cup non-dairy milk of your choice, such as soy or cashew 3 tbs avocado oil (or your fat of choice) Throw it in a blender and blend to your desired consistency. Want to liven it up a little? Add […]

  • I am Ragnarok

    I am god killer. I am child of the universe. I am master of myself. I am love.

  • I Failed My Woman

    My woman is two people: a shell that is all grown up that takes care of the vessel (body) and an inner child that is imaginative and creative beyond belief. In a perfect world, the two of them would be one person, but this world is far from perfect. I love them both ever so […]

  • Love on the Spectrum E5

    I’ve just consumed my fifth episode of Love on the Spectrum. I watch Dani in action and part of me says she’s just like a guy. This makes me sad because people think I’m a guy all the time. (They’re quite mistaken, I am every bit woman.) Still, online, people think I’m male until I […]

  • Rasputin is a Buddha and so am I

    There, I said it. You should know your favorite friend, J.C. is also a Buddha. Lots of Buddhas have existed. I have no idea if they’re the same entity reborn over and again, but who cares? I’m “enlightened.” (She scoffs at herself here.) I don’t believe this God fellow. I think he must be a […]

  • Mass Murderers Should Die

    If one is to consider that the older a living entity is, the more spirit it has acquired by soaking up the cosmic background radiation of the universe itself, one has to acknowledge that trees are entities with rights. Bamboo, not so much, being that it has such a short-lived lifespan (at least, when humans […]

  • Learning Disabilities

    Lately, I’ve been watching “Love on the Spectrum” (Netflix). First, I see a little bit of me in each and every person they showcase, to be perfectly honest. I don’t fangirl over one particular thing except my future husband and that’s been me my whole life. Except men don’t like having a fangirl, it seems. […]

  • Magic God, God Magic

    I don’t remember the majority of my life anymore. I died in 2020. The girl I used to be is all gone, like sand in the wind. God’s really upset about that, by the way, because supposedly I was the person all of humanity was allowed to live in order to create. She’s gone now, […]

  • There’s a Hole in My Heart

    I must be insane these days, but I don’t feel insane. I hear things that aren’t there, and yet they make sense anyway. Clean up MY fucking ocean! Clean up MY fucking atmosphere! Maybe Earth, Gaia, or Urth — if you prefer — is crying at us for change. I hope so. I want to […]

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