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  • Raymond

    There is a homeless man named Raymond. I ran into him yesterday as well as today. Other people would write him off as crazy, but I know better. In fact, he said something chilling yesterday: that aliens talk to him. If I hadn’t experienced the kind of year I’ve had, I would make the mistake […]

  • Cinnamon toast

    I regret not hitting up the grocery store at the 11th hour. (Literally, it was 11:00 in the evening and I thought about taking a trip for a few sundries, but God assured me that tomorrow is a better day. A day where some deli men will be looking around, I guess. As if I […]

  • Boy Crazy/Crazy Boy

    I went insane somewhere in the past. Until that precise moment, I had perfect mental clarity. I built a life that I could be extremely proud of. And I was, too. I was grateful every single day to be so cherished amongst my colleagues and coworkers. I was grateful to bring value to my boss’s […]

  • Thought Experiment (4)

    Saying sorry will never erase what I’ve done, I know that. And now I know a few more things I need to be sorry for. First and foremost, I told her that I was not sexually active with Jessica even though I kept going to see her for six hours at a time. I merely […]

  • Thought Experiment (3)

    There comes a point in every human’s life where they find themselves at a crossroads. A fork in the road. There are two (or more) clear paths ahead of him (or her) that go in completely different directions. The question is, what is at the end of each road? And, can you live with the […]

  • Thought Experiment (2)

    There are twelve men in my head, gridlocked together in some intricate war dance. Not a single one of them is holding a tomahawk, I am sad to say. Nay, they are equipped with snide remarks and trickery. They all say they love me, they want me, they need me… until challenged by me, of […]

  • Thought Experiment

    I woke up today and found myself going through agonizing physical therapy. I don’t have a physical therapist that has a body, though, so it was something like laying down on my bed with my legs dangling over the sides. I twisted around, my hips screaming in agony over minor stretches. I am assured that […]

  • The Square Root of Ketchup

    Sir Deli Man and James are still thinking about me. Sir Deli Man gave me a compliment once on a choker, but I don’t know if he knows it. I kind of make eyes at him every time I see him. What can I say? I need a man who is going to feed me. […]

  • Steam Roller

    One of my exes is a pedophile. His name is Ben. He’s a white boy the age of a real man who happily babysits for all his siblings, staying child-free himself. Every time he sees a child or baby, he comes home all smiles for hours. I wish I knew he was a pedophile. I […]

  • Telepathy//Crazy

    We are insane, we know. We’ve been insane for one year, six months, and one day. And twelve hours. We know the exact moment, truly. We were fully sane prior to The Event(TM). [Oh, now you smile, because it’s just creative writing, amirite? It’s not. We’ve gone insane, no thanks to the male half of […]