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  • Flirting?

    You know, I keep telling myself that I’m autistic, I just don’t understand human flirting… but I really do understand it. It’s just that the rest of humanity sucks. I just looked up an article all about eye contact (you can read it here, if you wish) and I’m quite disappointed. I think the cashier […]

  • I Could Sleep (Good Vibes 7)

    Look, I can’t help it. She dances around to Vivica. You know, this song is important to me. First off, it reminds me that we women can adore each other platonically and bolster each other’s self-esteem, which is woefully battered by the rape culture in America today, if not all over the world. It also […]

  • The Real Deal (Good Vibes 6)

    It’s for the blind. The words underneath things to describe them. (Shout out to anyone blind reading me. I love you and I’m sorry for my penchant of using words that aren’t real.) So I’m supposed to believe some dude in a deli sits around thinking about me, whether he’s working or not. How preposterous […]

  • Special (Good Vibes 5)

    Yup, still listening to my own playlist. I’m checking the flow, but honestly, it just kind of fades into the background on me. It’s really useful in silencing those voices that plague me. So is shouting at them, but that literally disturbs other people constantly and makes them upset. It’s because they don’t know what […]

  • Machine (Good Vibes 4)

    Yup… I’m listening to my own epic playlist. I have something I could say about each and every song, but we’ll stick to the plot: THE VOICES(TM). The answer is: because I can. Your brain will catch up in a… hi. I’m disappointed in my cake that is far too sweet. I had a feeling […]

  • Just Like A Pill (Good Vibes 3)

    The real question is: do I want to talk to The Deli Man? I really don’t know. I’ve gone insane, after all. I’ve got all this pretend information floating through my head, driving me batty. The voices never really give me all that much time to digest what’s happening; I like to reflect upon things […]

  • Read My Mind (Good Vibes 2)

    I guarantee that eventually, if you read enough, you will guess what comes next. You’re going to think I’m a telepath because I scramble your brain and you end up being able to read my mind. Just wait for it. (…dary.) Deli Man, stop asking me what I do outside of the store. I baked […]

  • A Beginning? (Good Vibes #1)

    Poignant video, Mr. Teahan. I opened up YouTube to start listening to my epic playlist and, hopefully, make it a smoother transition from one song to the next. What I found was a 37 minute video about childhood trauma that really hit the nail on the head for me today. I’ve been at war with […]

  • The Relationship Myth

    Men: Women: Men: Men: Men: Women: Men:

  • Dead Eye Joe Gets an Upgrade

    I feel bad nicknaming the man in the deli “Dead Eye Joe.” The first time I saw him, his eyes were dark, like there was no reason to live any longer. I know how that feels. I know it in my bones, actually, because I don’t particularly want to live anymore myself. However, perhaps just […]