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Category: Uncategorized

  • God’s Psychic Surgery

    My most favorite place to have visited is the interior of my brain. Or perhaps it was the restaurant at the end of the universe. God gave me surgery yesterday. I was bummed out after what happened — someone raping me psychically in the back of my mind — and I don’t recall what I […]

  • Hudson Hawk

    Now there’s a movie I forgot amongst the comedy gems I own. I try to own copies of things to support artists and actors, but it’s not always that easy, is it? Musicians get paid the most from their merch, I heard a long time ago, and I can only own so many t-shirts (and […]

  • “Reiki is not a replacement for medical treatment.”

    I wonder what idiots require this disclaimer to understand that energy healing cannot heal root causes of ailments, which is typically diet-related. Reiki is a temporary stop-gap measure at best unless you’ve just had surgery or trauma. That is when reiki is best employed as pain relief. How that screams to a person that it […]

  • Asshole Tax (2)

    The last entry is an example of asshole tax. Nicholas is an asshole, now he does not pass Go, he does not collect $200, and he goes straight to jail. That’s for murdering my precious Earthlings with your lies. So, what exactly is Asshole Tax? I’m so glad you asked! It’s not something the New […]

  • Holidays = Angry People

    Why is it that so much hinges on just a few days in a year? Why do people wait until a feast or a gift-giving occasion, which only happens once or twice a year, and rely on being “perfect” without practice? I already want to be dead again. I’m sick of the vitriol and hatred […]

  • Woes of a Fashionista PT 1

    Today, I am depressed. This is fairly normal and has nothing to do with fashion at all. I love clothes and I have a distinctive style that others copy and I think that’s all you need to be a fashionista. If you disagree, too bad. I don’t care. We crave labels, you know? We crave […]

  • The Most Succulent Breast

    Crystal walked in circles, putting the finishing touches on cleanliness here and there, as she waited for her bird to come out of the oven. It wasn’t Thanksgiving yet, but she had a turkey in anyway. In fact, it was the week before Thanksgiving, a Native holiday to Americans everywhere (and grossly misconceptualized by white […]

  • Primary and Secondary Cause

    In the Upanishads, the idea of primary cause and secondary cause are introduced. The example in this really dry video I’m learning it from is that roti bread (water, flour) must be cooked in a skillet over a fire. The fire is the primary cause, but works in tandem with the secondary cause — the […]

  • Marry Me, Joseph [So NSFW]

    “Joseph…” she murmured, a look of need flashing over her features. “Please marry me. I need you in my life.” He melted in that moment, pushing himself into her with a gentle rocking motion. In response to her words, his lips found her collarbone, kissing there with all the tenderness in the world. From there, […]

  • birthday blues 7

    “Are you serious? You’re going to bitch and moan about a girl losing weight and trying to be her best self?” Lauren scowled at Ben. She’d had it! For the totality of the six hours they’d spent together since they’d met, he had nothing positive to say, especially about his former girlfriend, Crystal. She had […]