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  • You Don’t Deserve Anything.

    “You don’t deserve anything. You have to earn it.” If men or women or anything in between out there think they deserve someone, they need a reality check. Nothing in this world is for free. Every single action we take has a cost. Every single resource we sip from has a cost. Human beings like […]

  • What to do about autism? It seems to me that neurotypical humans have decided that autism an affliction. To be different is a sin, that’s the subtext I receive, even though I don’t believe in sins or God. It’s just plain wrong. But why? Why is it wrong to be different? Can’t I lend a different perspective to the […]

  • The Fine Line Between Sympathy and Condescension

    It is normal and very human to assume that when an experience sounds like what we already have seen or heard of, or even experienced for ourselves, that we have become subject matter experts (SMEs). To sympathize with someone going through something that we find familiar is automatic, in most cases, evoking the thoughts and […]

  • Dear Self: I have betrayed you

    I have been foolish in the extreme… A part of me criticizes the other part of me, insisting we are enamored with attention. That we are an attention whore. That assumption was an interpretation of one thing as another, sadly, and now I have quelled that part of me. She weeps. She cries. She wants […]

  • Auterspace – Sebastian

    I have lost my mind. I left it somewhere else quite some time ago. I’d like to imagine it in a forest shrouded in fog, nestled with the ferns and the fawns. I’m not exactly sure where I left it, really. If I knew, it wouldn’t be lost! For more than a year, I’ve been […]

  • Shame

    My shame stems from failure. My ego said everything was right. It said we couldn’t fail. It said he loved us. It said he was the real deal. It said I wouldn’t be happier with anyone else. It said a lot of things. Between that and my selfish desire to share my feelings, I went […]

  • What Hurts My Heart

    What hurts my heart is that he never said a word. Not one. Like I’m not even worth responding to. Like I’m a ghost. Like I’m nothing. I poured out my soul into a puddle, I gushed like a waterfall and let it all out. I spent the very last of my life to tell […]

  • How To Handle Bullies (Pt 2)

    I got some excellent feedback on my previous entry via an open forum, thankfully. I’d like to amend my message appropriately regarding the subject of anti-bullying as I respond to the logic presented to me. Please bear with me! A member of the forum is perturbed that I share that violence is the key to […]

  • How To Handle Bullies

    “Funny how we make serious faces and act bold when we bleed so much. We bleed and we can’t hide.” – (unknown) These words are from a young woman who has been bullied and thinks that she has to accept it in perpetuity. I presume she feels trapped in her misery and cannot leave it […]

  • Autism vs. Traumatism

    I have been questioning: Am I really autistic? Part of me clings to it like a banner that explains who we are. Part of me says, ‘No, you’re not autistic at all, Crystal. You’re just seriously traumatized.’ Part of me asks, ‘Is that the same thing?’ I know autism is complex. I know it’s not […]

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