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Category: spiritual

  • Going Silent as a Shaman

    “Silence can make us uncomfortable because we’re so used to distracting ourselves from what we’re feeling—from difficult emotions like fear, resentment or anger,” says Stephanie Ludwig, PhD, MA, MDiv, Director of Spiritual Wellness at Canyon Ranch Tucson. “When we’re truly and intentionally silent, we have to face whatever is inside of us.” Instead, we keep […]

  • Dear Sir Deli Man,

    [Profanity Warning] I’d like to think I’ve gotten to know you this past year and a half. I know we haven’t said a word to each other in the real and I consider that, as well. I’ve decided to discontinue my fear for negative repercussion and simply dive in to a puddle of thought. I’ve […]

  • Have You Met the Mountain?

    [Minor Profanity Warning] I have been taught a form of shamanism — or perhaps it’s just a crazy dude’s interpretation of reality — since I was seven years old. Native American shamanism. I do not know what tribe it comes from, but I know there are more than three tribes in me. The ones I […]

  • Shadow Work: Abandonment

    The following are excerpts from a journal at that resonate with me: I forgive you for believing lies about yourself that others told you. I forgive you for being so damn naive. I forgive you for believing in someone more than you believed in yourself. I forgive you for believing lies about yourself that […]

  • Profanity Usage – I’m Sorry

    I’m sorry that I’m getting so worked up I keep resorting to profanity. You might find it hurtful to read, my friend. I do not mean offense to you. I only wish to imply how angry things make me. I will do my best to eliminate profanity going forward.

  • I Dream of Death

    Someone confided in me that their wife committed suicide. They felt insecure about it because, naturally, they blame themselves for the terrible outcome and loss of life. However, I assure you that the person in control is the one who has snuffed out their life. It is their choice and their decision to end their […]

  • Drawing a Boundary

    Do your friends try to take up all your time and energy? Do they demand you to pay attention to them, making sure all communication is on their terms? Do they ever give back to you? Do they shame you whenever you don’t praise them or if your desires are different from theirs? Do they […]

  • How To Handle Bullies

    “Funny how we make serious faces and act bold when we bleed so much. We bleed and we can’t hide.” – (unknown) These words are from a young woman who has been bullied and thinks that she has to accept it in perpetuity. I presume she feels trapped in her misery and cannot leave it […]