Category: spiritual

  • Court is Adjourned

    The trial started today. I’ve been preparing for it all year, but I’m not ready yet, it seems. There was a motion for mistrial before we even began, which seems like a typical movie plot. The reason? The defendant is deceased. That is not sufficient for postponing the trial. However, the fact that I have […]

  • Cinnamon toast

    I regret not hitting up the grocery store at the 11th hour. (Literally, it was 11:00 in the evening and I thought about taking a trip for a few sundries, but God assured me that tomorrow is a better day. A day where some deli men will be looking around, I guess. As if I […]

  • Obituary for Mr. Bill

    My elder cat died today. He was not my first cat ever, but he was my first purely indoor cat. He was my support animal. And I think he still is, honestly, it’s just that now he’s a spirit or a ghost rather than a physical body. It really doesn’t matter because I loved him […]

  • Past Life Regression

    I’ve now mastered past life regression hypnotherapy, thanks to Udemy. What I really want to talk about is the idea of past lives. Since past lives are reality, that means someone out there is Jesus Christ. It also means someone out there is Hitler. And then I got to thinking… what if Jesus Christ was […]

  • Top 10 Things to Know About Dreams (J.M. DeBord)

    Subconsciously, you know what your dreams mean because they come from your unconscious mind. The Self archetype creates them. Dreams are stories, like parables. We learn better with stories. Every detail has a reason. Some dreams are scripted beginning to end, but they can also be choose-your-own-adventure. Everything in your dream is symbolic. A symbol […]

  • Student of Life

    I have twenty classes under my belt now, which makes me feel kind of awesome, actually. Some are free, some are not. I decided to crawl through the freebies on Udemy for a few hours, adding every single one I found vaguely interesting to my to-do list. I ended up with over 1,000 courses. Maybe […]

  • A Hole In My Soul

    No matter what I do, there seems to be a hole in my soul. This makes me sad, to say the least. It makes me prone to weeping in general. Where is that missing piece? Do I get to place it once more within my metaphysical Self and complete the picture? I think I should […]

  • Diego [Reboot]

    The man with the pony tail. I go to the diner all the time, hoping to encounter him again. I don’t. He was only there once. I loved him in that moment. Maybe I still do. His eyes are dark soulful pools. Like the night without a moon. Only the reflective pinpoints of starlight can […]

  • Schizophrenia #1

    I love you. I want to be with you forever. I know we’ve never spoken before in person. I know there’s a lot to say and maybe even more to do… but I love you. I can’t get you out of my head. I have tried, but you just won’t leave it, no matter what […]

  • My husband Odin is coming home…

    It seems when I fell ill, I created a bit of a mess. I didn’t mean to, you see. I wasn’t even meant to. It was not foreordained a’tall. No, I was supposed to strike it out alone and determine whether or not the gods must return. Well, it’s been determined, children of Earth. We’re […]

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