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Category: spiritual

  • Anger in a Man’s World

    As a woman, it is un-ladylike to show my disdain or my anger to the world. I am meant to sit by placidly while my boundaries are traversed by rapists who care not for my well-being. I am meant to be seen, not heard. I am meant to be silenced. Whenever I say something someone […]

  • Disdain.

    dis·dain /disˈdān/ Learn to pronounce noun Maybe this isn’t quite exactly the feeling I am immersed in. It could be disappointment, I suppose. Is it too much to ask for a singular man to have interest in a singular lady? Is it too much to ask for True Love(TM)? I didn’t even ask for True […]

  • New Year, New You

    “Let’s have a coffee chat,” God suggests. Crystal screams, “NO! You bastard! I have something much more important to write.” It’s a great time to make some resolutions to be a better person. I think the majority of Americans are making a resolution to lose weight right now, and they will shame themselves in about […]

  • The Borderline

    I once was alive. It’s been years now since I died, but I can almost remember being alive once. Maybe I’m wrong and I was always dead. I wish I could cease completely, but I am being held hostage. A captive. A scribe for an unreasonable invisible sky daddy kind of entity that is upset […]

  • How to Stop Raping 101

    The bottom line here is that all human beings are co-creating this reality we live in. You are one variable in the equation. If the output isn’t making you happy, change the variables. The things outside of you that bug you — try to fix it. Change your approach, change your thought process, change your […]

  • God is Wise

    Men make me sick, God complained to Crystal. She nodded sadly, understanding God’s point of view and His pain. He had, after all, influenced mankind since the beginning, trying to teach them about gentility and how to be noble, honorable, decent beings. How to be righteous. He IS the Supreme Being of Righteousness, after all. […]

  • Anthem for the White Woman

    Helloween is here, my friends. Short, short skirts and low cut tops and bare arms. All when it’s about the right temperature to make my nipples hard enough to cut glass. I’d rather be warm, but I guarantee that every party will be full of women dressed as sluts because that’s what’s really scary, these […]

  • What Is Fornication?

    I think y’all need a lesson in love, friends. Fornication isn’t as straightforward as it seems and I know that. In fact, it takes a mind reader to know exactly how it works. Now that I know (and I’ve wept ever so bitterly for it), let me tell you what it is: Oh, wait, it’s […]

  • My Spirit’s Journey

    I am nomming on some mixed nuts coated in avocado oil, garlic, and dill seasonings. YUM! (And a few cracks of Himalayan salt, of course.) I sit here, under attack spiritually. This has been the case for eons. But why? Because I’m a beautiful woman that nobody wants to just talk to. This is the […]

  • Court is Adjourned

    The trial started today. I’ve been preparing for it all year, but I’m not ready yet, it seems. There was a motion for mistrial before we even began, which seems like a typical movie plot. The reason? The defendant is deceased. That is not sufficient for postponing the trial. However, the fact that I have […]