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Category: recipe

  • Keto Done Right…

    Hello! My name is Sansara Solsinger and I am the messiah of the 21st century! I am so pleased to make your acquaintance! Today’s test kitchen/laboratory experiment is a partial flop. On one hand, I made keto angel food cake. On the other hand, both my berry compote and my keto bread leave something to […]

  • New Year, New You

    “Let’s have a coffee chat,” God suggests. Crystal screams, “NO! You bastard! I have something much more important to write.” It’s a great time to make some resolutions to be a better person. I think the majority of Americans are making a resolution to lose weight right now, and they will shame themselves in about […]

  • [Garlic] Cornbread Success!!!!!

    Do you know the secret to soft cornbread? We do! You mix the corn meal with your water or milk (or, in our case, “milk.”) You let it sit for at least five minutes. THEN you add your other ingredients. Any powder add-ins that aren’t flour ought to go in before the flour. In this […]

  • Thanksgiving Brain 2

    Okay so I thought to myself one thing… what if I use Ree Drummond’s amazing stuffing recipe and put cauliflower in it instead of bread? It’d be a soup then. I’m still on the fence about it but once I go to Sam’s Club for some chicken base, I’m in. I’ll need to get another […]

  • Recipes For A Hungry Girl

    Algerian edition. Adapted from this course on Udemy. Algerian Olive Stew Ingredients Zucchini Chekchouka Courgette Ingredients Algerian Chicken Bourek Chicken Rolls Ingredients Stuffed Zucchini Dolma Courgette Ingredients Algerian Flat Bread (Kesra) Ingredients

  • Leftover Delight

    It’s almost time to scour the fridge anew and turn anything getting to be more than a couple days old into something new. I’ve got my sights set on a half gallon of apple cider that has not been devoured yet. It didn’t quite taste fresh when I got myself a glass full last night, […]

  • Chez Lazy / What’s For Dinner?

    If you totally missed it, you need to know I live with two elderly people who want to do nothing but watch Star Trek and, once in a while, Family Guy, sitting on their asses all day shoveling food into their mouths. My mom reads books, too. They keep buying food in bulk and bringing […]

  • A Yearning

    I don’t suppose you know what it’s like to feel someone else’s feelings? I mean, literally. They take up space inside your body and you feel exactly like they feel. It’s not sympathy, it’s worse. It’s full on empath. It’s not even empathy… you are literally feeling exactly what they are feeling. The only blessing […]

  • Life’s Tricky / Dry Milk Fudge

    What on Earth can one do with six bags of dry milk? (In fact, I think there were more than that last time I checked, but I’m aware of there being at least six.) This is the insanity of living with old food hoarders, I tell ya. I gave some of the dry milk away […]

  • French Onion Soup & Reubens

    Dinner was delicious today. I double-toasted my Carbonaught gluten-free bread to make it most like regular toast, threw some roast beef slices on it, and some sauerkraut and called it a day for me. For my mom, I added the Thousand Island signature dressing for the Reuben. I can’t eat that part, so I omitted […]