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Category: rape culture

  • He’ll Never Love *You*

    Have you heard that one before, ladies? I bet you have. Some man who won’t even give you time of day, but somehow his physicality has you wrapped around his pinkie, right? Stop looking at them. That’s my solution for you. Simply stop giving them any attention whatsoever, like they are the scum of the […]

  • An Apology, Take Three

    She’s terribly angry at me. I still have a shred of hope she’ll meet me later at the bar, but I don’t think she will. I think I blew it. I didn’t blow it just once. It was more like 1,000 times. She has so much patience, she’s so laid-back. A simpleton would blame her […]

  • Where is my honey bunny?

    I buried her under the rubble of my own issues. My misery. I just threw it on top of her, expecting her to get out of the way in time. She doesn’t work like that. She’s shoveling the shit to get to the heart of things. What is wrong with me? That’s a great question. […]

  • In the Doghouse

    (That was fast.) Crystal’s mad at me again. Her anger comes out in mockery and ridicule. It comes out as dubiousness and even more mockery. It’s not even ill-tempered mockery. She only does this when she’s angry, that’s all. It’s a danger sign. I’m on thin ice. She’ll gut me any time with one well-placed […]

  • A God with broad shoulders

    Life is difficult these days. I’ve been trying to clean up decades of neglect and nicotine, which is proving to be a very arduous task indeed. I’m already sick of it and I’ve only been working on correcting it for a month. I wish I’d been well enough to start when I got here, but […]

  • My Lady… I’m Sorry.

    Sir Deli Man kissed the back of her hand just then. “Honey, I’m not trying to upset you. I understand you’ve heard all these lies before because nobody meant them when they said them to you the first time you’ve heard them.” He was gazing into her soul this time, having learned how to see […]

  • Therapy

    Camila was pretty happy these days, she had to admit. Dr. Jill was teaching her a new way of looking at everything. A way where she could see gaps that could be filled or parts that could be tweaked so that Camila could truly be happy. Even Manny was changing, she’d found, and she thought […]

  • Twisted Up Inside

    Hi, my name is Crystal and I am certifiably insane. I’ve come to this conclusion many times over the past year and a half. Today is one of those days where I wish I’d never been born. Life is hard enough when you can see reality as it is, nothing more and nothing less. It […]

  • I Need My Woman

    She just passed me in the deli again. The woman of my dreams. She was right there. In fact, I nearly collided with her. It got my pulse racing. I wish she smelled of, well, anything, so that I could associate the scent with her. She was within a foot of me and I couldn’t […]

  • Once a Snoop…

    They say once a cheater, always a cheater, but I posit that once a snoop, always a snoop. And you should be a snoop, too. A person with nothing to hide is the loyal kind of person. Anyone who is offended with even the smallest invasion of privacy is suspect. Diego was still reading Sansara’s […]