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Category: rape culture

  • Self-Loathing

    A low frequency vibration, also known as shame. He remembered it all over again. Yesterday, he was standing behind the cheese display, talking to his coworker who was working the cheese display. He caught her eye as she meandered down the aisle toward him before making a sharp left, changing every pattern he’d ever discerned, […]

  • Disdain.

    dis·dain /disˈdān/ Learn to pronounce noun Maybe this isn’t quite exactly the feeling I am immersed in. It could be disappointment, I suppose. Is it too much to ask for a singular man to have interest in a singular lady? Is it too much to ask for True Love(TM)? I didn’t even ask for True […]

  • Breastfeeding is Sexualised

    “Why have we sexualised breastfeeding? I just want comfort it’s not a sexual thing but more intimate and bonding,” a man asked Sansara today. Super_Fox — Today at 2:41 PM That’s a good question. It starts with the concept of rape and understanding it extends far beyond unwanted penetration or sexual advances. Doing things against […]

  • How to Stop Raping 101

    The bottom line here is that all human beings are co-creating this reality we live in. You are one variable in the equation. If the output isn’t making you happy, change the variables. The things outside of you that bug you — try to fix it. Change your approach, change your thought process, change your […]

  • Rape Survivor

    I am being censored for surviving rape and being willing to talk about it. I looked via Google… apparently 90% of all rape victims stay silent (regarding legal action) and 30% never speak about their experience with another soul. 30%. That’s a lot of people going without a shred of help with the mental state […]

  • Round 1: The Hungarian.

    It looks better in color. (It’s red, white, green.) Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is committing crimes against humanity. According to a real Hungarian, rather than Anglicized news from the Hungarians, Orbán , they are facing potential genocide this winter as the PM just spent all the funds meant for heating their homes on Vodafone. (4iG is […]

  • When’s Dinner?

    “When I can get up again, silly,” Crystal said, replying to God. She was being admonished ever so slightly for her self-neglect. It was a pattern in her very core, something God couldn’t really program out of her (nor did She wish to, it’s what made her darling child so darling, you see.) “I know […]

  • Court is Adjourned

    The trial started today. I’ve been preparing for it all year, but I’m not ready yet, it seems. There was a motion for mistrial before we even began, which seems like a typical movie plot. The reason? The defendant is deceased. That is not sufficient for postponing the trial. However, the fact that I have […]

  • Parable 1

    The men of my former tribe bound together to kill me. They convinced each other that they knew what was best for Little Girl. All Little Girl needed was love. Pure, unadulterated love. That is not the conclusion the men came to, sadly. She still has no love, even for herself. Little Rat stole her […]

  • White Washing History

    I don’t know how foolish we are as a species, per se, but I’d reckon it’s quite. I was reading the Prose Edda, the first account of Odin’s life. First of all, he is not a God. He is a mere man. A man with supernatural understanding of the human psyche, I’d assume, given his […]