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Category: lesson learned

  • Tai Chi Wake Up

    TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE, NARCISSISM, PEDOPHILIA Sansara rolled out of bed, groaning as she did. Her right shoulder and left hip were partially dislocated. This was the story of her life after working in computers for a few decades and, as most people fail to, not getting enough regular exercise. Crystal told her for the fifth […]

  • Fighting the War

    Sansara looked at herself, worried. She checked her health markers in the mirror. Her eyes were bloodshot. Her teeth were yellow. Her hair was a mess. Her skin was dull and scaly on her forehead. Her nails were brittle and broke easily. Her waist line was increasing. Her back ached and her feet hurt. Crystal, […]

  • Today’s Therapy: KnowInk [NSFW]

    TRIGGER WARNING: SUICIDE KnowInk was probably the worst work place she’d ever known, she thought. She was teleconferencing with her therapist, again, talking about how someone who worked there had committed suicide. Crystal was convinced that KnowInk had a hand in that happening, but she didn’t have concrete evidence of it being a direct cause. […]

  • Dinner with Sansara/Lightning Strikes Finally! They were seated at a table. She informed Diego what she wanted for dinner and made him order it on her behalf, which he found odd. He thought back to chauvinistic displays in days of yore, where men did that sort of thing. It never seemed to be from a place of love, […]

  • Moving in with Diego Sansara stood at the entrance of the apartment for a long moment to stare at Diego like she’d never truly seen him before. He had no idea what to do as the gorgeous woman stared at him, the epitome of plain curiosity on her face. Her eyes searched his before sliding from his face […]

  • How to Hurt a Telepath

    Jerome is being adamant that I am a telepath again. I don’t agree with him one bit. If I knew how to read minds, I would never miss out on groceries at the store. I’d always know exactly what I should buy to replenish the coffers. I would know what my ancient ones want to […]

  • Reprise: I’m a ‘Stalker’

    I got off-topic last entry so I’ll try again. There is this guy in the grocery store that I see once in a month or so, at random. One of the times I saw him — September of last year — he caught me staring at his back. He turned around and our eyes met, […]

  • Dear Boy In Maine,

    [circa 1997] I dated you via the internet a very, very long time ago, dear boy in Maine. I can’t remember your name and I do hope you’ll forgive me. I know you will remember me when I divulge the details that ended our relationship. I want to tell you, first and foremost, I am […]

  • Shadow Work: Abandonment

    The following are excerpts from a journal at that resonate with me: I forgive you for believing lies about yourself that others told you. I forgive you for being so damn naive. I forgive you for believing in someone more than you believed in yourself. I forgive you for believing lies about yourself that […]

  • Profanity Usage – I’m Sorry

    I’m sorry that I’m getting so worked up I keep resorting to profanity. You might find it hurtful to read, my friend. I do not mean offense to you. I only wish to imply how angry things make me. I will do my best to eliminate profanity going forward.