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Category: health and wellness

  • [Garlic] Cornbread Success!!!!!

    Do you know the secret to soft cornbread? We do! You mix the corn meal with your water or milk (or, in our case, “milk.”) You let it sit for at least five minutes. THEN you add your other ingredients. Any powder add-ins that aren’t flour ought to go in before the flour. In this […]

  • Round 1: The Hungarian.

    It looks better in color. (It’s red, white, green.) Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is committing crimes against humanity. According to a real Hungarian, rather than Anglicized news from the Hungarians, Orbán , they are facing potential genocide this winter as the PM just spent all the funds meant for heating their homes on Vodafone. (4iG is […]

  • Unconventional Breakfast

    Cider-Oat Breakfast Soup Microwave for 3 minutes or so (perhaps longer, if your cider is chilled.) I mulled and reduced some cider for another recipe, so what’s a girl to do with what’s leftover? EAT IT. I am woozy this morning… I slept 15 hours after I exercised twice yesterday. I went through a simple […]

  • Something Completely Different

    Today I am learning things I thought I knew all about, but just in case I did not… well. 🙂 I knew this better the first time I learned it, of course. It’s good to have a refresher since I haven’t been in school in so long. Also nice? It’s not a Microsoft Textbook trying […]

  • Processing…

    Stuck on something? Been reading a book or articles for days to understand something and your brain just screams, “STOP!” by unfocusing your eyes in the middle of a paragraph? It’s time to take a constructive break. “Yeah, but how do I do that, Sansara?” I’m so glad you asked, Internet. You need to do […]

  • French Onion Soup & Reubens

    Dinner was delicious today. I double-toasted my Carbonaught gluten-free bread to make it most like regular toast, threw some roast beef slices on it, and some sauerkraut and called it a day for me. For my mom, I added the Thousand Island signature dressing for the Reuben. I can’t eat that part, so I omitted […]

  • Peanut Butter Cookie Cake!

    You could say I hit a bit of inspiration this time. I made frosting so good I could eat it by itself — peanut butter frosting. So I asked myself what this delectable frosting could be put on top of, since I was in need of some cake (STAT!) I happened to make a strawberry […]

  • A Hole In My Soul

    No matter what I do, there seems to be a hole in my soul. This makes me sad, to say the least. It makes me prone to weeping in general. Where is that missing piece? Do I get to place it once more within my metaphysical Self and complete the picture? I think I should […]

  • Sansara’s Reiki Retreat PT 1

    Hello, my friends! Welcome to Sansara’s reiki retreat. There is so much to know, so much to learn. Especially if you, too, desire to be one with The Universe(TM). (Is that pickup line still too cheesy?) I hope you do desire to be unified with the rest of creation, but it’s okay if you don’t. […]

  • I’m Asking Too Much

    I am asking too much, as it turns out. It helps me weed out the boys from the men, truth be told. I want… need… to be married. One time. One person. If they cheat on me, I will not have the will left to carry on. I will be dead. This is the last […]