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Category: deep thoughts

  • Why u mad, bro?

    Diego felt terrible. Sansara had walked away from him, brooding in anger the night she got him stoned out of his gourd. Then, he daydreamed having sex with her and it ended with her calling out someone else’s name. That part was confusing, because he’d never heard the name Ross from her before.. That wasn’t […]

  • Howdy, Neighbor (cont’d) [NSFW]

    Diego stared up at Crystal from the floor, dazed from being thrown when he least expected it. Just how strong was this woman? He was not exactly light, weighing in at two hundred pounds. She wasn’t exactly anorexic, either. He remembered the muscle definition he’d seen the day he was her doing yoga in the […]

  • Diego’s Impression

    Crystal sat down at her computer, opening a new file to write her thoughts out about Diego. She was notorious for making snapshot first impressions that lasted for years without update in her brain. #Autism. Her first impression of Diego might make him wince, though she was never going to share it with him. He […]

  • Rainbow Starseed Ahoy!

    Original article: I found this article to be incredibly interesting. It theorizes that intergalactic beings are being incarnated as humans on Earth in order to restore the planet to its natural state. I wondered if I was one, but I saw myself in all of them, one way or another. The short and skinny […]

  • Sansara’s Surprise

    Sansara was a convert. She and Crystal went through the Tai Chi warm ups again. She recalled Crystal chuckling at her the first time, ridiculing her for not thinking about how Asian culture was far more advanced than the West was. They’d had thousands of years to figure out exactly how the human body works […]

  • I Wish A Psycho Murderer Was Coming For Me

    I really don’t like being alive anymore. I’m broken and I cannot get out of this rut I’m in. I need a caped crusader. A knight in shining armor. A Sir Deli Man worth his salt. Save me, please. Your girlfriend is in this castle, sir. She waves a magenta flag out the window. I […]

  • Paul Foote, Psycho Murderer?

    I dated a boy online was a teenager. A boy I liked quite a bit, all around, for ages. We had a great time exploring the depths of ourselves with each other. Or, I thought so, until he started putting me down. He told me my nose was too big and he had a problem […]

  • Three Kings and I

    He decided to go out since she was intent on ignoring him. He went to his favorite bar, Three Kings. He sat next to the bartender, ordering a Blue Moon. Well, this is a productive use of funds, he found himself thinking. Just what did he do all the extra shifts for? He was drinking […]

  • Every Body is a Beach Body

    This whole ‘Let’s get skinny for the beach!’ bull shit is more misogyny. Congratulations! You lose one point of humanity, you emotional vampire. Anyone who convinces you that you don’t look good just the way you are is a narcissist. A real man or woman will accept that it’s fucking hard to lose weight, no […]

  • Rejecting Sir Deli Man

    Sir Deli Man had never been rejected before in his life. He guffawed at Sansara as she told him so. All because he insisted on keeping Janice as a friendly acquaintance, full well knowing the woman had designs for him. Crystal was not asking for much: she was asking for loyalty. Fealty might be a […]