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Category: creative writing

  • Unconventional Breakfast

    Cider-Oat Breakfast Soup Microwave for 3 minutes or so (perhaps longer, if your cider is chilled.) I mulled and reduced some cider for another recipe, so what’s a girl to do with what’s leftover? EAT IT. I am woozy this morning… I slept 15 hours after I exercised twice yesterday. I went through a simple […]

  • Weird Dreams

    She’s lovely, honestly. ❤ I want to fill her up with my love. I didn’t see her today, though I had hoped she would have come in around the time I was getting off my shift. I was so determined to ask her for her number, too. I had the strangest dream last night. It’s […]

  • The Mountain Dragon Man (4)

    I think I found the perfect model for The Mountain Dragon Man. Now, it is time to draw and write. Some day, my labor of love will show the world what I’ve learned about life at large. There’s still more to learn — there will always be more to learn — but I think I […]

  • Dream Woman, I am in love with you.

    You never use the L word on me. It’s making it really hard to believe in the idea that there could be an “us.” Without that word, it seems pointless to trudge onward. I want to be with you. Just you. For the rest of eternity. Did I do something wrong? Why don’t you say […]

  • I’m In Love

    I saw her again tonight. The woman of my dreams. She’s literally inside my dreams. They’re not all saucy dreams, either. Last night, I dreamt of her having dinner with me. We had an excellent time and I was beyond smitten… but that’s when I realized that dream me wasn’t the real me. Instead, he […]

  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

    God tells me the deli men miss me. I’m like, “Wait! HOLD UP! Men? As in more than one?” That’s exactly what I’m saying, Sansara. Men. Thousands of men daydream about you being in their arms. But, they don’t daydream being in love with you. That’s why we never go anywhere or meet anyone. That’s […]

  • Bob’s Back.

    The little girl inside of me is all a-titter. “Oooh, Mr. Handsome. I JUST SAW HIM!” We call him Bob. We don’t actually know his name yet, but Bob’s a good a name as any. We imagine it’s short for Jacob, actually, rather than Robert. “He’s gorgeous,” Sansara crooned yet again, swooning over his beautiful […]

  • In A Tizzy

    He wrapped his arms around her, tears in his eyes. He had no idea how shitty her home life was before God told him all about it. She had not complained once herself, not even while God was on a tirade about how her mother only cooked in that kitchen when she was already using […]

  • His Eyes, Doth They Deceive Him?

    He saw her again, he thought. A brief glimpse of her, anyway. A mass of messy hair — what color was it? Hard to say, it was so brief. It almost looked ash gray to him. Old. A color an old person would have in their hair. How old was she? At the same time, […]

  • Joe’s Thoughts

    “I wish there was a woman out there for me,” he thought to himself. He was feeling particularly defeated that day; he had hoped for the third shift in a row to see the beautiful, amazing woman he’d laid eyes on in the super market. She had eluded him. After three weeks of consistent eye […]