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Category: creative writing

  • Shopping with Michael [NSFW] Sansara watched her future man approach her car, loaded up with puppy supplies and Max on a leash. He had a lop-sided smile on his face, pleasantly surprised that she had shown up. Since he was fairly certain that she was a mind reader, he didn’t think too much of it. If he didn’t, […]

  • Fragile Fingers It was two in the afternoon when Diego received a strange text message. “I changed my mind.” That’s all it said. His heart sank. He really fucked it up this time. He’d already packed everything he was taking and put it in his ex-wife’s SUV. She was pretty mad about that, too. She was […]

  • Daniel In Love? He didn’t know if it was possible, but he thought he was already in love with this woman. He’d known her for five hours. He tried to imagine what a first date with her would have been like, since she admitted her first date was that long. He tried to imagine taking the same […]

  • Showing Daniel His Room Max tugged on his leash, trying to break free to explore on his own. Daniel commanded him to sit and stay. He really didn’t know what was getting into his mutt. Just as he opened his mouth to ask he saw a cat tower nearby, which Max was staring at because there was a […]

  • Sansara & Daniel Meet Sansara was at the end of her rope. She was sick of taking care of her parents when she herself was already sick as hell. She’d nearly died and they just didn’t take her seriously at all. She found herself signing up for Craigslist to try to find a roommate who would syndicate so […]

  • Daniel’s Confession

    I stole my bride away from another man. A man who is mostly suitable, but not quite. He has malice in his heart for my beloved. He wants her to hurt because she hurt him once upon a time. She hurt him and he said nothing. She assumed she meant nothing to him because of […]

  • Dear Diego,

    I have been lost for a long time now without you. Once you appeared in my life, I regained my sense of direction. I was so hurt, I didn’t even know who I was anymore. Without you, I would no longer be. I would be buried six feet under, of this I have zero doubt. […]

  • Sansara Spills the Beans Sansara was practically a font of information. In the past few hours, he’d learned so much about her, but now that she was opting to be an open book for him, he was beyond transfixed. In the car ride to the grocery store, she told him all about how she had a near death […]

  • L’eggo My Diego Diego woke up from an odd dream. He was a little disoriented, so he spread his arms out wide. Yup, he was alone in bed. That’s how the night had ended. He woke Sansara up from where she fell asleep on the floor and she trudged straight to the bed she took over and […]

  • Magic in the Bedroom After sharing that magical moment, Max came to nose his way between the two humans. They smiled at the pupper, knowing he just wanted to be part of the cuddle party. “Why don’t you sit on the couch with him? I’ll be right there,” she told Diego. She wanted to put on a little […]