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Basic Human Diet

MEAT. ON THE FUCKING BONE. WITH THE SKIN ON. Slow roasted to tender perfection so that your brain and body light up like a Christmas tree as you chew it. That’s how you give thanks to the animal that sacrificed its life for you.


Purified water is medicine meant to leech out toxins from the body. It takes all your required micronutrients with it if you overdo it.

Vegetables, picked at the peak of ripeness, eaten raw, stir fried, stewed, or baked through. Your spleen might be too sick for raw food for a while, so do not fear. I can tell you that I’ve eaten roasted vegetables (charred to perfection — insert chef kiss here) for over a year without dying.

Fruits, also picked at the peak of ripeness, consumed at room temperature. Just the way they are. Nature’s candy.

HERBS are MEDICINE. You are medicating your fool selves inappropriately left and right. Why do you think the professions surrounding herbs exist? Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, indigenous medicines.

CILANTRO is MEDICINE. BASIL. OREGANO. Some of them are POISON you THINK are medicine. Turn to the ancient texts of our forefathers. Stop murdering yourself foolishly. Seek wisdom from the Gods. Read what they wrote down thousands of years ago. AWAKEN FROM THY SLUMBER, STEVEN VANDENHOEK. (So long and thanks for all the fish!)

Nightshades are poison. TOMATO, POTATO, PAPRIKA, EGGPLANT, CHILIS. Does this mean you can’t enjoy them once in a blue moon? No, but stop distilling them into liquid acid and imbibing it like you can eat that six times a month without ailment. Stop thinking that PEPPERONI, HOT DOGS, BARBECUE SAUCE, POULTRY SEASONING, or SAUSAGE are viable food products. They all contain paprika — even bologna. You kill yourself to please your taste buds. This is but ONE trap.

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