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Death to Psychopathy

As I sit in my bedroom contemplating changing my name in an attempt to disappear from someone who simply will not leave me be, it occurs to me that everyone in witness protection is facing this. It is wrong to force perfectly innocent and kind people to be someone else just because some assholes don’t know what boundaries are.

Thus, all people who are forcing others to hide are psychopaths and I believe we should simply euthanize them. All people who think it’s okay to subvert a thinking, feeling creature — be they human or animal — needs to be destroyed. Once all the boundary bulldozing butt-heads are broken, then the rest of us can relax and breathe easily. In the meanwhile, they pretend to be just like those of us who have appropriate levels of empathy, tricking and fooling us into manipulation that suits their desires and has no eye toward the greater good(TM).

After reading enough Quora to understand that we keep alive the unsavory psychopathic sycophantic assholes of the world in maximum security prison, where they kill each other unchecked without remorse, I wonder why we even pretend the death penalty isn’t necessary and why we haven’t assigned it to each and every one of them.

We have millions of Captain Sternns on planet Urth and yet… What? It’s more efficient to spell it phonetically. Are you saying it destroys my perfectly logical argument just because you’re looking for a chink in my diplomacy dyke?

Mixed metaphors and mixed quotations are my specialty. Let me put your brain through a blender and serve you the resulting purée on the other side.

An image of Captain Sternn à la Heavy Metal, the movie.

You know what? If we only executed assholes based on cold hard facts and did away with trial by jury, we’d be better off. We’d know without a doubt that the man or woman we are sentencing to utter death and destruction is guilty.

Additionally, if a computer A.I. was given all the facts or even a panel of judges who were blind to who was on trial (or even more democratically, if the public judged the facts without a face) then we could achieve real justice. In fact, why don’t we try all three before applying the death sentence?

How would you sentence a murderer?
How would you sentence a pedophile?
How would you sentence grand theft?
Petty theft?
Cannabis possession?
Intent to distribute? (even though most of us have agreed cannabis is medicine, we penalize those not given permission to dispense medicine…)
Criminal neglect?
Reckless endangerment?
Corruption of a minor?
Psychological warfare?
Biological warfare?

Do we even agree to what the punishment is for each of these things today?

I doubt it.


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