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Odin’s Story 3

You might be wondering why you should care about the girl I care about. I don’t really give a shit about your issues preventing you from seeing reality as it is; I’ve already told you why you should care. You’re just not listening.

Since your mental faculties have waned to the point where inference is lost on you, I’ll be more explicit. She is beyond industrious, always looking for some sort of work to do, taking on more and more responsibility, even when she knows it’s a stretch for her. She merely grows to juggle it alongside all the other ones effortlessly after a bunch of stumbles, trips, and falls.

She’s not afraid to get hurt. She’s not afraid of your ridicule because you ridiculed her for her entire lifetime already. You do not approve of her. You have made it abundantly clear that she is not good enough for you. If your words don’t say it, your actions do. She hears it loud and clear long before you even realize the repercussions of your own inattentiveness.

You are ill, Americans. There is nothing wrong with my lady. Nothing that didn’t start with you and your own issues being projected onto her. You fell in love with her beautiful face and you couldn’t stand it because she wasn’t as healthy as the rest of creation surrounding you. The ranks of unhealthy people gather in her corner as you all age and now you have come to the point where you must decide if it’s worth it to cling to your own vanity. Can you forgive a beautiful woman for being fat?

Some of you can, as it turns out. Many of you cannot.

I doom you to the worst death imaginable: you will become fat and unhealthy just as she was. All of you. I have primed you all for the worst death imaginable. The very same one my woman experienced on July 8th, 2020. Goodbye, cruel world! You will have no choice but to become your core self and sabotage your own existences openly. No more will you be able to hide behind a thin veneer of nicety and subtlety that normal human beings are unable to recognize at a glance.

The code cracker has cracked the code to humanity and now you will all pay to get better(TM). The psychopaths are coming. Mark our words and the calendar: by New Year’s Day of 2024, every psychopath in America shall be exposed for what they are. Liars who lie about everything in order to hurt your reality. Liars who ruin your mind in order to gain more money. Liars who think they will get away with lying. But they won’t.

I topple the dominoes tomorrow. Let’s see how long you all last in the New World Order, shall we?

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