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More Colored Ladies, PLS

Super Nurse Rescate! A model made in Fuse, which was found to be extremely limiting.

Well, there are not a ton of options in Fuse for dressing up models, and now I understand the state of undress in most screenshots. Also, I question the details added to female genitalia versus those added for male genitalia; it seems geared toward spank bank material while working on a project. (WHERE’S THE PEEN, MY MAN? WHAT ABOUT MY SPANK BANK?!?!?!)

I’m mad. #Equality will never happen at this rate. Also it’s too easy to remake Lara Croft in this stupid thing, if you ask me.

Fuse model made in less than 5 mins to resemble Lara Croft.

Just give her guns like James Bond… and see if she shoots your misogynistic ass for making her tits so huge. DO YOU KNOW WHAT KIND OF BACK PROBLEMS THOSE MEAN? Are you daydreaming of rubbing that poor woman’s spine day in and day out? NO!? THEN FUCK OFF.

Lara as a colored lady:

Fuse model made in less than 5 mins to resemble Lara Croft. Then made into a colored lady. ❤
Close up of colored Lara Croft clone. I left the face default aside from color.

All large-chested women everywhere:

1.) ouch.

2.) Yoga is your friend. [Click here for more info.]

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