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Soy Milk Allergy Rising

I have had an unfortunate incident, which is keeping me from learning my desired information today… For five days straight, the chaos in my soul led me to eat pizza. I’m allergic to every bit of pizza. Worse yet, however, I drink coffee with a touch of soy milk in it on a daily basis.

Because I ate the pizza, I am now allergic to the soy milk.

The coffee might also be a problem… I’m testing that right now.

Today I seek to become a fully accredited quantum healer. I am being held back by this bodily resistance since I consumed three lattes today. This is quite normal for me and has had no ill side effects for months, especially when they’re more like cafe au lait — approximately half “milk.”

I’m displeased with this outcome, as anyone would be. You’d think I’d know better, screaming from the mountain tops that dairy is poison and so is gluten and nightshades and so on.

Well, I do know better. I was hoping to die.

I still hope to die because I believe humanity is beyond saving. It’s not worth keeping you savages alive. It has come to my attention that planet Earth is under attack. By the humans who live upon its surface now. Mining endless resources out of the crust and deeper, without permission of Gaia, the spirit that governs the planet.

Now we threaten to destroy everything just to measure the dick size of political assholes.

Demand a recount every election. EVERY. ELECTION. DEMAND. A. RECOUNT.

Demand direct democracy. Obliterate panels of voters who are supposed to vote on behalf of the masses, an outdated body of assholes who can be bribed by the 1%, the true raping motherfuckers on planet Earth.

Demand better.

Demand euthanasia so you can go out in style and dignity.

Demand a clean Urth. DEMAND THIS FUCKING MESS BE CLEANED UP! DEMAND IT! There is no future with a plastic fucking island in the ocean. There is no future with climate turmoil in the present state. There is no future without polar ice caps and clean air. There is no present, either. We are all choking and dying on our own vomit from overdosing on all the lies about how it’s safe to be alive amidst all the poison we use to control the environment, to control the meek, the pests and rodents. To control the 99%.

Demand life. Demand freedom. Demand the end of tyranny. Did YOU personally vote for ANY war? Did you pray to God for a war? Did you ask Jesus to go to war? Did you ask Allah to go to war? DID YOU?!



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