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Keto Done Right…

Hello! My name is Sansara Solsinger and I am the messiah of the 21st century! I am so pleased to make your acquaintance!

Today’s test kitchen/laboratory experiment is a partial flop. On one hand, I made keto angel food cake. On the other hand, both my berry compote and my keto bread leave something to be desired. I believe there are ways to salvage my recipes, such as cooking the bread a tad longer, so there is hope yet.

The angel food cake was made in a 9×9″ pan, so you can imagine my surprise when I recognized it as a healthy alternative to That Which Comes in a Bundt Pan(TM). I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of the stuff, but after two years without bread, it was a welcome treat.

The berry compote was resolved to edible by adding more berries, which shocked nobody anywhere. Combined with the angel food cake, it was… nice. It wasn’t “Wow, I gotta eat another one real soon!” stunning, but it was edible. If you ever experiment with food stuffs, you know that’s really important. Especially if you’re on a budget, like me.

As for the bread… now that’s something TBD. (That stands for To Be Determined for anyone not working a mostly boring white collar job.) I tried it plain, and the flavor is spot on. It’s a little sweet, just like white bread, but not too sweet. On the other hand, it was mushy because I really could have baked it another 5 or 10 minutes. Then I decided to try it toasted. The combination of mushy and toasty didn’t work for me, which is no surprise either, but the fact that a bread that mushy held up to be toasted does amaze and astound me.

I’m going to slice it up and toast it in the oven rather than the toaster next and turn it into garlic bread.

Then I got to thinking that I like savory bread, too. What about garlic basil? What about onion bread? I know onion isn’t the most popular flavor in the world and all, but it has a glycemic index of 10. That’s like… almost as low as it gets, people. I’m going to master onion rings, as well, I just know it. I love me that onion!

So when are you going to stop being stodgy and share the recipe, Sansara?

Never. I’m going to open a restaurant biz. First ever diabetic diner. Suck it.

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