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Too Real?

[Article on Brain to Brain Interactions…]

I’ve been suffering from rapist assholes (and other assholes) transmitting impulses to me for almost two years now. It nearly took my life on several occasions, as I found myself staring 90 degrees to my right while driving my car and other dangerous things.

In other news, both my father died last night (which is no surprise given his health issues) and I’m watching Surviving Death on Netflix. They were unrelated, but now not so much.

I feel validated to a degree thanks to the article linked above and the Netflix series both.

[Another riveting article about telepathy…] This one might explain how I skated through most jobs happily dodging apathy and other issues to bog me down, just maybe. My cooperation mode is currently turned off and is probably never returning ever again, either, now that I have had an NDE (near death experience.) I’ve come to realize that I am, for all intents and purposes, psychic.

It is no picnic, I tell you that now.

“They found that cooperative behavior was selectively associated with orbitofrontal cortex activity, while competitive behavior was associated with inferior parietal and medial prefrontal regions. They also reported that both types of behavior activated a shared frontoparietal network related to executive functions.” [Source]

“The orbitofrontal cortex contains the secondary taste cortex, in which the reward value of taste is represented. It also contains the secondary and tertiary olfactory cortical areas, in which information about the identity and also about the reward value of odours is represented.” [Source]

“Recent neuroimaging studies in humans have confirmed the role of the human orbitofrontal cortex as a nexus for sensory integration, modulation of visceral reactions, and participation in learning, prediction and decision making for emotional and reward-related behaviours.” [Source]

[Aside: is this how we associate odor with people? Like perfume/cologne smells?]

So cooperation must be emotional or reward-related. I’d agree with that — we are rewarded with progress, potentially kinship, and possible friendship (though similar, distinctly different — you can love and hate your siblings at the same time, after all.)

That means, inversely, competition is not emotional or reward-based. However, if you study people who compete seriously, they tend to come across as people who are interested in the prestige or esteem of being “the best.” Or at least that’s what they convey socially, outwardly… is it possible every competitive asshole out there is secretly loathing everyone else and wants to show how inept or unworthy everyone else on planet Earth is?

Food for thought.

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