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Breastfeeding is Sexualised

Why have we sexualised breastfeeding? I just want comfort it’s not a sexual thing but more intimate and bonding,” a man asked Sansara today.

Super_FoxToday at 2:41 PM

That’s a good question. It starts with the concept of rape and understanding it extends far beyond unwanted penetration or sexual advances.

Doing things against other people without permission is rape, in essence. When it comes to healing, it’s less heinous, but otherwise someone’s consent should be obtained for any event to occur to their person.

Because parents do not wish to be parents and teach their children what consent is and instead give in to being too tired to teach them proper manners, morals, and ethics, children learn how to get away with doing things without consent.

This behavior pattern establishes the foundation of all rape culture.

Furthermore, we now feed into rape culture with our manner of attire and dress, with the fact that wearing plant and animals on our faces is now expected as part of looking groomed and well-maintained. (This might not be as apparent in Africa, I admit, but here a lady is expected to dress like a whore and put make up on her face so a man can easily imagine her in bed with him.)

So now we have women barely dressed, looking like they just had sex, and any man that sees her is free to imagine her in his arms while he relieves himself of sexual tension.

This alleviates the man from the idea of connecting to someone heart, body, and soul. They can now fornicate with unwilling women in their minds during the act of sexual intimacy with self and/or others, their brains jumping to people who would never consent to the act in a million years without a tender loving relationship at the moment of orgasm and bonding with someone other than their actual partner.

Now to answer your question directly, the reason breasts are now sexual rather than a universal comfort, is because now that women have a tendency of showing off their lumps of fat and how they bounce, all men tend to think about is how they will bounce if they are involved. Thus, breasts are now sexualized. Now, women want to breastfeed in public, but men are imagining themselves latched onto the teat rather than the babe being suckled. And voila, we have a bunch of stupid men who think breasts are only for their mouths. They have learned from pornography that women like this sort of stimulation (and they do), so they yearn to provide it in order to please this fantasy version of the woman they thought was a 10 out of 10 in their books (but subsequently never have a chance to be with unless they look like a Brad Pitt or Ryan Reynolds, essentially.)

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