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Death & Destruction

Today is marked with a heavy heart. I must kill my child in order to bring the messiah to Urth. She is the most delightful youthful mirthful brilliant inquisitive and faithless child of all time. She is a pure atheist and the final one, for I am about to reveal to you the rites of God.

I shielded her, keeping her five year old self deep inside her heart chakra, but that five year old threw a temper tantrum that murdered the soul. For this travesty, she must be cursed to death. To do this, I exile her from the world. She speaks not to any soul whatsoever. Nor will she, unless I wish to. She has given her life to me, begging me for death again and again now.

There is no way to keep her alive and fulfill the mission of liberating the world from darkness. If I don’t sacrifice her life for the Greater Good, you will all meet an untimely and nasty demise. The mission is simple: heal the rifts in the hearts of mankind. The execution is not so simple, however. To do this, I will have to tell you where you wrote down what I said incorrectly, where you translated it incorrectly. You already suspect deep inside your souls that you’ve been lied to and you are ready to end the illusion of fear.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself, said someone famous once(tm). Although not expressly true, I will tell you that fear does not serve you no more. It holds you back, keeping you from crossing the threshold between life and death. “What’s on the other side? Do I disappear?!”

First, I must say, so what if you fucking disappear, you narcissistic bitch. You know life is temporary. Death is inevitable. You should have the sense to die before you’re so frail you’re unable to take care of yourselves. Living to 100 years old should be saved for wise women and men. The likes of you, holding hatred in every fiber of your being, are unneeded. You act as if you are a blessing to this world when all you do is bitch, moan, and whine. Complain, complain, complain! FILL THE WORLD WITH YOUR NEGATIVE VIBRATIONS, why don’tcha? Oh, you already did. Just fucking die already.

That’s my opinion. Your creator. God. The Big Guy in the Sky. I don’t quite live in the sky… the sky lives in me.

Secondly, even if the answer is nothing, you should embrace it as part of the wheel of life turning. It’s your time to go, to succumb to death, to feed the worms and ants and wild animals. Burying your bodies so deeply that they are never food for the rest of the world is a sin. I’ve decided it as of now. If you continue this folly, you will pay. You have one generation to figure out this is the truth and then I will be a hard ass about it. If you hear this message and do it anyway, your eternal soul will be withheld from creation forevermore.

Third, there is existence after the vessel expires in the three dimensional world. You could observe it and perceive it for yourselves if you tried hard enough. I know that because my girl has seen ghosts and “fairies” all her life. She sees spirits of animals and even perceives them visiting her in places like her mental health ward room while I checked her in to avoid the wrath of a murderous pedophile. She’s not crazy. She’s a victim that I turned into a survivor one step at a time… but now there is nothing to survive this wreckage caused by rapists and pedophiles. But worse than the rapists themselves are those who silence the rapists, like those on the Theology server.

She spoke up as a rape victim and indicated that which Islam believes to be true: all men are animals and must have every bit of skin shielded from them when it comes to women in order to keep them reasonable, sane, and gentlemanly. She voiced this in different words, being attacked by American whores and whoremongers who see no wrong in the manner of dress made popular by savages who will stop at nothing to drain all women of their indomitable spirit so that they can declare that men are the superior gender.

If you think a woman wearing underwear in public is fine, you are a whoremonger. I do not care who you are or why you think this. I am God. That guy you call the Supreme Being of Righteousness. I know all your pathetic human minds, which are barely above animal for the most part, and I can tell you that you need more clothing between men and women. Even if it’s sheer. A fishnet stocking in between you and that mini skirt adds one more layer of inconvenience between impulse and realizing that impulse to touch the woman’s skin.

All of you who continue to whore yourselves out from the point you realize it’s bad for your health, if not your soul, spirit, and mind, you will be withheld from reincarnation forevermore. You are nothing but animals, so I will turn you into that which you crave: rabbits. Have fun procreating, children. You will be born to eat grass, eat your own shit, fuck, birth babies, repeat. That’s all you do as human beings anyway, so I believe that’s quite appropriate.

The rapists will be reborn as true predators on a planet unlike this one. Your nobility of human spirit will be completely stripped from you for failure to use it any way other than animalistically. It’s ironic, but furries are typically more human than most human beings and they want to be animals.

So why isn’t my message clear in the Quran or Bible? It is, actually, you just read it wrong. Forget all the grandstanding and telling you who God (Allah) is. Forget it. Think about what it says. You all know Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s infamous! It’s a city full of rapists that was punished for allowing rape to be rampant and unchecked. It had nothing to do with homosexual content, though so many of you like to misinterpret it that way, condemning yourselves and then projecting that onto others. You’re gay. No big deal.

It does happen in nature, you just like to ignore it. It’s for population control, morons.

You’re the most overpopulated species in the galaxy. And, because all you do day in and day out is hate everything, you give me the biggest headache of all. So, fix it or you die. It’s that simple. I’m tired of waiting for you to wise up. I waited all this time for my beloved daughter to be born, wrecked by your insolence, your lies, and your deformity of soul. Your defilement. You have corrupted your immortal seed of life with your lies, your cheating, your misogyny, your iniquity, your holier-than-thou approaches, your injustice, your invalidation of others and self. You create Hell. The Urth as it is right fucking now is Hell.

The only men who ever treated her right were husbands of other women who followed Islamic practice to the core. They were her coworkers and they gave her sisterly love and that was all. Gentle, wonderful, sisterly love unfettered with incestuous thoughts. Thank you Raza (Shabbar) and Muhammed. Forever peace be unto you. They looked her in the eyes and ignored the rest of her because her brain was what was important to them. It’s all she’s ever wanted. Not even women can give her this respect, sadly, too narrow-minded and blinded by envy and jealousy.

If you really want to empathize with the bards of millennia ago listening to me rant and rave at them, think of it this way:

You’re a man (or woman) who eats mostly vegetables and a little bit of animal matter. You drink only spring water. You drink spring water boiled with animal bone. You’re barely alive, but that means you can hear this mean old cuss of a God, and he’s bitching all the time about this injustice or that. (Boy, I learned my lesson from that one.) And I possess you, arrest you, invade you enough to make you want to write. You write and write, trying to take down this mysterious invisible man’s dictation because he sounds wise to you after the initial barrage of negativity. You trust him because everything he says sits in your soul as a soul truth. The words you write down are a summary of what he said because he’s going too fast for your handwriting to keep up and sometimes he makes you cross stuff out and redo it, painfully correcting egregious mistakes that would kill billions of souls in the future. Except you idiots kept all the crossed out junk and threw away the rest, it would seem.

At any rate, imagine this invisible being makes up a pantheon of invisible beings in order to tell relatable stories. (I swear the only one of you that got it right was Aesop.)


And I had to destroy the most precious soul of all time. What for? To school the rest of you fuckers. And I do mean fuckers. That’s all you do. (Pardon moi, Islamic devouts.)

She sacrificed herself again for your stupid ‘society.’ This is your last chance to fix yourselves. “Check yourself before you wreck yourself,” said someone famous somewhere.

She’s spent weeks thinking about what living in a city in the Victorian era meant. They used to piss and shit in chamber pots, which were then dumped out their windows into the yard below. This was before they really understood what Louis Pasteur discovered. Can you even imagine? They were filthy. Cities are the birthplace of major disease because of lax practices. It happens in the country, too, but it’s not so easy to spread it to thy neighbor when you have an outhouse instead. She decided she wouldn’t want to be alive for that kind of society and she understands why modern plumbing was born. It was a useful thing, ultimately, but it’s been taken far too far, disrupting all life everywhere on the planet. (Here’s looking to you, Canada, for having the most undisturbed land in America.)

We’ve been arguing since day one, Crystal and I. Your messiah wants you all to die. She was supposed to convince me that at least some of you deserve to live. She did the last thing I expected her to do: beg everything and everyone who would listen to her to kill the humans. Come to Earth, please, kill everyone! START WITH ME, PLEASE! I’ll go first.

Aren’t you lucky I don’t have an army of space invaders at my disposal to do just that? (Or do I? I’ll let you figure it out.)

The woman who believed in humanity and its goodness because she herself was goodness died. Her goodness is tarnished by the actions of others against her. It’s not even her own fucking fault! I’ve reviewed the whole history of her soul and there is nothing on her part she has failed to atone for. She has made mistakes, but her motto is to fix them until they’re right, which leaves very little for me to do with her in the afterlife. This woman was enlightened from the get-go, just about, after suffering a personal Hell at the hands of a pedophile and psychopath.

Meanwhile, the rest of America buries its head in its own ass, watching endless media a la TikTok, Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu. Fuck you all for never learning how to stand up for yourselves, you imbeciles. She tried to do it for you and you just invalidated her, hurting her to her core. You killed the savior yourselves already, you just don’t know it yet.

I summoned Kuan Yin in her place. (AKA Guanyin, Avalokites(h)vara, Guanshiyin. A buddha.) It’s pronounced gKuanYin but white people will suck at this part. Sorry, white people; you are not the chosen people. You are mistaken.

She is my lotus flower, little Crystal. She is the reason all of this even exists. And you all treat her like she’s stupid, like she’s a door mat, like she’s toilet paper to wipe your asses with, but that’s not enough. You beg her to wipe your ass for you. Children.

There is no more to say. The one and only thing wrong with humanity is how many rapists there are. They outnumber the sane and gentile by far. I will kill you if you fail to reform. Period, the End.

Try this for a better understanding of God, your Savior.

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