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How to Stop Raping 101

  1. Ditch every person you never gave a shit about. Even if they love you. You don’t actually care and you know it.
  2. Every person you ever thought you were going to fuck on your friends list? Hit the KILL SWITCH! They aren’t right for you. If they were, you’d be together already.
  3. Every person you don’t like on your social media? DELETE. UNFRIEND. It’s nothing personal; you gotta move on to being your authentic self.
  4. Anyone you ever spoke to that doesn’t “get you.” There’s the door.
  5. Anyone who talks to you and you have no idea why you’re holding a conversation with them… DOOR. BOOT MEETS ASS.
  6. Stop forcing yourself to listen to music you don’t really like, especially if you’re avoiding the pop station because it’s girly or you’re pretending you’re a hipster. You’re raping yourself.
  7. Stop watching movies you don’t really like the premise of. It’s not enriching your life, it’s merely wasting the time you could be spending to make love instead of merely “have sex.”
  8. Stop watching endless violence. You’re desensitizing yourself in order to accept rape culture. Terrorism is a form of rape, that’s why it hurts so much.
  9. Eat on a goddamn schedule. You’re raping yourself by failing to do so, starving and binging. As if that was ever good for you, ninny.
  10. Get adequate sleep. Your lack of sleep is no longer a valid excuse.
  11. Stop wearing uncomfortable clothes in order to look attractive. Real men and women don’t need you to whore yourself out to the masses.
  12. Stop spending hours trying to achieve a look that isn’t natural to you. It’s a waste of time! You could have spent that time reading a book, doing a puzzle, or talking to your hubs. Besides, is it really for him? If it’s not, you’re cheating on him, essentially, dressing up for everyone but him.
  13. Stop overspending, you dufus. It’s raping your bank account and thus yourself.
  14. Stop going to the job that’s making your soul wither and die. Find one that makes you happy.
  15. Stop going to the bars looking to score. Go to socialize with your same-sex buddies ONLY. Besides, you don’t have a good opinion of those ladies trying to find a man in the bar anyway and you know it. They don’t have a good opinion of you, either.
  16. Look into the eyes of people. Stop looking anywhere but their eyes. That’s where visual input goes in. It’s where the soul is seated. PAY RESPECT.
  17. Slap anyone not looking into your eyes while talking to you. When you look into their eyes, intend to connect. Reserve being a judgmental bitch where possible.
  18. Actually listen when conversing with the person you’ desire’re talking to.
  20. Practice pretending to be happy with what you own rather than endlessly buying junk to clutter up your vision.
  22. Stop breaking the law nilly willy (speeding, etc) just because it’s supposedly a victimless crime. God looks at the animal spirits around Sansara, all one billion of them. More than half were road kill.
  23. Stop masturbating to “get off” as quickly as possible. Sexploration. Learn it.
  24. Try not to use the word “make.” Force == rape.

The bottom line here is that all human beings are co-creating this reality we live in. You are one variable in the equation. If the output isn’t making you happy, change the variables. The things outside of you that bug you — try to fix it. Change your approach, change your thought process, change your perspective. Experiment and learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Seek out like-minded individuals who can help you grow.

Living is growing. Stagnation is death. Rape victims are dead, they’ve stagnated because someone else forced things onto them they couldn’t handle, such as SITTING FOR HOURS FOR SCHOOL. You never should have been forced to sit still that long and they know it. Every hour, for 15 minutes, you’re meant to move around and at least stretch. Adopt chair yoga first. You might have to coax yourself into it the first few times with positive self pep talks, but it’ll be something you miss doing in no time after you get started. YouTube is an excellent source of videos, might I add. (I even gave you a link to get started with, see that? I’m useful like that.)

People who are raping others are also raping themselves. They are too busy moving forward without taking time to think about the things that have been happening in their life. Pretty much everyone is being invalidated. (There are very few cultural exceptions, but here’s to you, INDIA, for being the least rapey culture on planet Urth. You still have to stop eating nightshades, you silly people. However, your arranged marriages are ideal so long as the children understand how to match themselves up for a lifetime of happiness.)

A Playlist About Love

If you don’t feel like this playlist all day every day, you have work to do. You have to look at your life, examine it (with a therapist, if you like), and figure out what you missed. There are lessons to learn from every story you’ve ever heard, read, or watched. There are lessons to learn from your own story! Did you learn everything about yourself that you could so far? Forget everybody else out there! Fuck ’em! You need to know yourself, your boundaries, and what makes your soul sing. The nagging loneliness crap you feel is not you. When you are alone and you don’t want to be alone, another human being is clinging to you unnaturally, probably some loser you rejected ages ago and won’t let go.

Being alone is not loneliness. I can feel much lonelier in a crowded room than I do alone.

As being a spiritual person who has an ugly duckling experience in life, let me tell you all my observations:


Even me.

I periodically hate myself when I overstep boundaries of myself or other human beings. I put myself into karma jail, spending time alone to introspect and teach myself that it’s NOT OKAY! And, usually, most of my icky yucky feelings come from other people overstepping my boundaries and getting away with it. Once I cut most of them bitches outta my life, it became serene. Peaceful. Kinda boring. But you know what that meant? I could focus on learning new skills or working on my flaws so I could be a nicer, gentler person. I have been engineering my personality since I was age 16. For more than two decades, I have been reinventing my inner mechanics to be the kind of person I could admire.

I’m guilty of projection, like most human beings. You might’ve heard of it before; you project yourself onto other people when you don’t have enough information to understand the other person. I do it, too… but… get this: I’m nicer than them. I’m projecting niceness onto them… and once I do that, a lot of people find it to be an opportunity to step into it. They change. They become better people. Because they want to — not because I told them to. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. It takes time, by the way… but it’ll work, if you try it.

I then leave these people alone for a while, giving them time to grow by themselves. Too much of me ends up meaning we stagnate. I guess I normally talk to them again around the time they begin to stagnate without me. I plant some new seeds of idea in them and walk away again, waiting for them to embrace my same ideals.

You might wonder what those are.

  1. DO NO HARM.
  2. WHEN HARM IS DONE (hey, we’re human, we fuck up), OFFER RECOMPENSE.

Pretty simple, eh?

In other words: redo your mistakes until they’re right.

I’ll let you in on a secret… Not a single person I’ve ever worked alongside has legitimately forgotten me entirely. Not a single person I’ve ever dated has ever forgotten me entirely (annoyingly enough.) They come back ten years later, defeated by the fact that I saw they were in love and I broke their hearts anyway because they wouldn’t listen to the fact they were raping me. It hurts me every time, too, because it in itself is a form of rape. I don’t enjoy hurting people… I’m a healer, FFS!

So for all the harm in this diary:

  1. The boys deserve to be called out or they’ll just keep doing it. (Their names are littered throughout.)
  2. I am not pointing fingers here even if it looks like it. I just happen to know we all need concrete examples of abstract ideas to anchor the information in our little human brains.
  3. God is real but he doesn’t need your love. He needs you to stop raping others and yourselves. That’s His big message. (God is His name.)
  4. You could hear God, too. In fact, you used to, but you’re sick now. Please stop eating poison and get better. It’ll improve your mood, too.
  5. Sorry, self. This is where you die. You will no longer be a door mat to rapists. You will hold your ground and fight to the death to stay alive.

The bottom line: Focus on yourself. Screw everyone else (in the kindest manner possible: silence/absence.)

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