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Johnny 5 is alive.

“God?” she asked timidly.

“Yes?” he replied, waiting for whatever was going to follow next.

“I know the big bang was caused by a spark… but what caused the spark?” she pondered aloud.

“Oh, that’s embarrassing,” God replied.

She asked suddenly, offering the most embarrassing thing she could think of in a split second, “Did you fart?” She immediately imagined some old movie scene with idiots farting into a lighter and then, of course, burning the frat house down.

God chuckled, amused. It wasn’t that embarrassing. He fed her the idea of sneezing, making her ask again, “You sneezed?” God nodded.

“Gesundheit,” she said. “Man, a whole universe was born from your sneeze? I’m glad universes aren’t born when I sneeze. I sneeze a lot. There’d be so many of them and then I’d feel obligated to try to take care of them. I prefer the ants; I know what they eat.”

And this was one reason Sansara was King. She always had the most amusing things to say when trying to empathize with an individual. But, because God admitted he was embarrassed he sneezed in the first place, she did her best to let him know that sneezing isn’t so bad in the terms of embarrassing things that a body can do. In fact, she wondered how he sneezed, knowing he had no body. She’d checked over a year before that conversation, then asked him if he had a complex about it because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings if he really wanted a body. She knew what it was like to really want something you can never have.

True love, as it were.

She tried so many times. She tried loving people with terrible dark streaks in their auras and their souls. She tried her best. Always. She gave it everything she had and then some more. What did they do? Cheat on her. In mind, body, emotion, or soul.

But why?

Because they all wanted tied up by a dominatrix and she wouldn’t do it.

Why wouldn’t she do it?

Because they didn’t love her.

Someone had to buckle and cave in first. Either the man had to love her or the woman had to tie them up first. But she learned her lesson: it didn’t matter if she tied them up or not. So she stopped bothering putting in the effort to please them. What’s the point? They’d just rain terror on her later when they didn’t get what they wanted. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink.

What’s the matter? You don’t think being tied up is the reason? Neither do we, incidentally. How about if I say they wanted anal and she would not do that, either? How about her being fat? What about… now here’s a big kicker… what if she was too loving? You guys are so skeptical! Congratulations! You now know she didn’t do anything wrong. Yet, they heaped trauma onto her, imparting her with PTSD from each and every relationship. What a prize they were.

Alright, so now that we’re on the same page… I’ll tell you why it didn’t work.

Incidentally, it’s what’s wrong with you right now. If anything is wrong with you, it is this one thing. It is the only thing wrong with all humanity.

You don’t love yourself.

If you loved yourself, you’d have stayed with your first partner and helped them figure out how to love themselves if they didn’t already know it. We could be catty and bitchy and declare that narcissists have it right, but they don’t. They don’t actually love themselves. They hate themselves and project that hatred onto everyone else.

Everyone who fails to learn life lessons from the stories surrounding them and the one they’re living is a narcissist. They hate themselves so much that they refuse to grow, cowering in fear in the recesses of their mind, afraid to know themselves and figure out who they are (and aren’t.) And then they force other people to act the way they think they should (like themselves), hate on that hardcore (and never give in to introspection to figure out they are the reason that person acted that way), and then throw someone away or push them away until they leave.

It’s happened nine times and counting, so why won’t it happen again?

Loads of premarital therapy.

Today’s therapy is to trigger Joseph’s rape trauma. Yes, men can be raped, too. The instant you stop wanting to be there is the instant it becomes rape, no matter if you say it out loud or not. It’s hogwash to think a human being has to say it out loud for it to be known. Your facial expression, your mood, your spirit all falter and the other person is aware. They just don’t give a shit about you, that’s all.

In order to trigger Joseph’s rape trauma, I’ve had to confuse the girl to the point where she’d do something like that. I had to make her think he’d raped her in his mind, putting her through hell for a few hours, before she finally broke and let her inner harpy out. The harpy will defend at all costs and has razor sharp talons. And, like a true femme fatale, a wicked imagination. It is rape after all, so there had to be a sexual component. Then it had to go awry. Then it had to go too far. Then, because she’s not a rapist, it ceased. When you rape a rapist, by the way, it will cure them… you just have to know how to go too far. I informed her every step of the way what to do to trigger Joseph because I know what happened to Joseph and she does not.

Once Joe started to become distressed, she stopped. I continued just a little longer to make sure to drive home the point, but she faltered. That’s okay. She’s one of them “bleeding heart liberals” — also known as open empath. What’s so heinous about being a caring person, I ask you now, self-identifying psychopathic asshole? Every person who would call another person terrible for having a heart should die immediately. If you won’t do it, I will, Earthlings. It’s already in progress. It’s too late for them anyway. But if you want Earth to be a brighter place tomorrow, start lynching them now. That’s right. You put them on a noose and you kick the bucket and you watch their face contort as they asphyxiate and die because you didn’t break their necks. There was no gallows to ensure it be slightly more humane.

To every black woman, man, and child ever: I love you. Understand that I love you. The white man is not the one who inherits the Earth. The book was written incorrectly so they could squash you down and take advantage of you, ignoring their own consciences to create more of this concept they created: money. What they have done to you is heinous, amoral, cruel, and uncalled for. You can find your roots by getting a genetics test done. I know it’s kind of expensive, but the price comes down a little bit every year. You can find your tribes. And, once I have enough businesses open to employ everyone I can at a living wage, you can fly to Africa with your four week vacation and explore your roots, if you so choose. Or you can go to the reservations and explore those roots. Many, many of you are part Native American rather than part white people. You could relocate if you so choose, but understand that in Africa, personal belongings aren’t really a thing. But, you could be kings and queens there. Everyone would look up to you as you taught them English and they taught you Afrikaans. They would be wowed by your everyday knowledge of everything because their schooling isn’t as good as yours. You could start schools or help existing schools and help strengthen your people greatly. That is a grand destiny, if you ask me, even if it does not put a dent in the shame and humiliation of your transplant to America and subsequent struggle to be known there.

Let me be clear: I do not think America is better off without you. I think they fear you greatly. I think they fear what’s going to happen if you make a living wage and figure out you don’t need every Bath & Body Works sale. You don’t need this thing slashed at 40% off. You don’t need the next blockbuster box office movie on your shelf. You don’t need most of everything that commercials tell you to need. You need your spirits restored, your roots to grow, your understanding of your heritage, and the rituals you were deprived of by being children ripped from the bosom of your motherland.

At least learn the rituals. That’s all I really want to ask of you. Go home to the motherland, learn about it, and bring it back. Improve America with whatever it was we lost by subjugating the Africans. We stole your heritage and subverted it, demonized it, we hurt you so terribly badly. I want to heal you and I don’t know how. I think your homeland can heal you, even if you never stay there permanently.

Africa has the weakest currencies in the entire world, darling people. You can probably save up $2,000.00 USD and live there for an entire year. (The air fare is extra, of course.) How much do you think you can learn in a year? You might want to try a shorter stay first just to be sure you can handle it… life in America is much softer than life in Africa, as you might already suspect. Africa is a bit softer than Australia, though, since it’s not home to the top ten most poisonous critters… however, there are still scorpions a-plenty, not to mention lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

There are programs that bring a little bit of Africa to America. However, they aren’t targeting the colored people to share their information with… It’s being given away to all people, which is not really a problem, but I think it’d go a lot further with those who have roots back there. I think you have the right to know who you are, who your parents are, who your grandparents are… all the way back to the tribe that sold you into slavery and, if different, the tribe you began as. You should know your family’s history if you want to know it.

If you don’t want to know it, that’s okay, too. Just go to Africa if you have a travel bug in you, witness something, and see if it calls to your soul. Your soul is grieving. You belong on that continent. You were never meant to be transplanted to a new continent. It is hurting you in your hearts.

I have some African blood in me, but it cannot be much. I have enough to have sickle-cell anemia. Alas, I’m too white-looking to be accepted as an indigenous person of the Americas, despite my genetics being 33% Injun (per God.) I’m calling myself Injun because I do not have a tribal affiliation. It hurts me to not be part of a tribe, but it is what it is. I cannot get paperwork to be part of the tribe off of a genetics test. Apparently, that’s all that fucking matters to the red man these days. Paperwork. White man paperwork. [Hypocrites, hisses God with disdain.]

Forget that I have been taught the old ways. Forget that I am a healer, a real bona fide healer. God says their healers can’t hold a candle to me; they’ve failed to learn the most important aspect of Power. I’m a bastard child and can never be more. Not ever. That is what my father taught me, being disowned by his mother’s tribe. My mother doesn’t speak of her tribe at all, though I know it to be Wyandotte. Since tribal affiliation is passed down by the woman, that would make me a Wyandotte shaman. I learned his tribal shamanism and hers. Even though men aren’t supposed to be taught what he knows, he was taught or he eavesdropped and taught himself or he read something to teach himself. It matters not.

The bottom line is that I wield Power.

And you, my fair ebony gentle people, are being deprived of your shamans and medicine people and not being taught the basics about how your tribes wield Power. That’s why I am so sad for you and wish for you to go learn it anew. It will heal the holes in your hearts and your souls caused by this rift. You don’t have to stay there, but you can if you want to. You can even learn it via internet or books, I’d wager, though I don’t know where to begin with that to help you on your journey.

The white man used to have their own tribal knowledge to wield Power. They threw it away a long time ago, sadly. One thousand and two hundred years ago, approximately, when they translated The Holy Bible incorrectly on purpose. Now, only hypocritical pedophiles get to learn the secrets of Power known by the white man. How awesome, amirite?

Asians continue to wield Power as they have throughout the ages, sometimes held back by technology, but not usually. We can see it in their imaginative folklore-based shows and movies. It looks so beautiful to me. ❤

Why do you think there are priests everywhere? Holy people everywhere? Monks, priests, medicine people, healers, soothsayers. They all wield Power. [An article about archaeological evidence of healers.] All the books about the past are about politics and leaders of varying degrees of leadership material. The true leaders in ancient times were the people who wield Power. Why do you think we call the elected political figures “in power?” They stole the concept because they created a hierarchy that was never meant to exist. Even the holy scripture says so in one of the Old Testament books. One of the priests tells the people they are not sane for demanding God to appoint a king. God appointed a king that was dissatisfying, overall, just to show them what happens when you place “power” in the hands of the unwise.

Shamans and other holy figures had to earn the rights to wielding Power. It is a long and arduous process, young grasshopper. (If you think the Martial Arts are part of the way Asians wield power, you’re correct. So is Yoga. So is the style of dance popularized as “krump” and krav magra — the ebony peoples’ Power. The internet indicates krav magra is Israeli, however… they stole it. Think critically and you will be able to figure out all the other forms of wielding Power, including belly dancing.)

The clan shamans were the ones who declared war amongst the native peoples. The chiefs led the warriors into battle. The wars were always fought for human rights purposes. That is, until assholes who were elected by popularity rather than true wisdom, started to declare wars for resources instead. That is what war is about in the modern era: death, destruction, and resource reclamation once finished.

Compare that to fighting a war because a Cherokee man raped an Inuit person and wouldn’t pay reparations by serving the Inuit for a decade as recompense. [This is a real example, God says, actually. But our history has no recollection of it, does it?] Thus, war was declared on the Cherokee man, specifically, and all the able-bodied warriors of the Inuit clan or tribe went to scalp him. The Cherokee tribe did not protect the rapist; they sold him out and he was scalped. He died for his crime. Once he was dead, peace was restored to both the Cherokee nation and the Inuit nation involved.

That was indigenous war on American soil for thousands of years.

What is the war in the Ukraine about?

America trying to install a military base because they have bases everywhere. Why would Russia want to block an American military base? They bought the land fair and square, didn’t they?! Why does America need a military base in every country across the world? In times of peace, they are still completely manned. The military offers the ability to see the whole world in exchange four year installments of service. In exchange for becoming indoctrinated to kill indiscriminately if the necessity should arise.

Furthermore, why isn’t America backing the Ukraine during this war? Is it a show of good will so that Russia will calm the fuck down about having an American base next door? Why is that so important? Are we planning to attack their motherland one day? Or is it really China that we’re after? Or perhaps it’s nothing more than staying the world police… but why do we do it? We pretend it’s for human rights, but I seriously doubt it. We need to focus on the home front and stop murdering our civilians left and right with bad medicine, if you ask me.

I know why Russia attacked Ukraine. They sold out, for one thing, selling land to the U.S. Navy. For another thing, they never wanted to let the Ukraine secede from the union. Duh. Russia wants to be vast and powerful without lines that outsiders can see to destabilize it and show off how it’s not so centrally ruled as Stalin wanted us to believe back in the day. Of course, Putin is now in office, so it’s different, right? [I have no idea, honestly, I’m just a shit-disturber.]

Now, marijuana is becoming legal across the United States of America. That in itself is not bad, but Canada is just now realizing what it’s covering up: a large amount of mental health issues from rapists getting away with murder. Soul murder. America will follow suit, and so will Japan, Afghanistan, and so many countries. They will see that the crime rates fall everywhere because people are pacifying themselves, having mental unrest from the PTSD induced by rape, murdering their souls to try not to be a bother to all the people around them.

What we need is about one million therapists giving therapy “for free.” They need recompense because we are ruled by the almighty dollar, but it should be at-cost, honestly… because nobody who still needs to start therapy this minute can afford it.

If only I could practice as an unofficial therapist online, helping people gain direction in their lives and understand their legal rights. First, I suppose I must become a lawyer, and learn the laws inside and out. I suspect more people have legal issues than they do mental health issues. They just don’t know they have a case yet. If only consultations were actually a full on person-to-person contact instead of a one-time “here’s my tragedy” story session by the wronged party. If only I had the paperwork to be qualified to do these things. That’s the kind of job I’d want, honestly.

I’d do it in text, too. Online only, in text, no audio or visual, except maybe some therapeutic art or even a few distracting YouTube videos placed at intervals where the patient becomes overwhelmed by their feelings. Things meant to uplift the soul and spirit rather than disregard it and distract it away.

If you are interested in such a service and can understand that I am self-trained and self-taught with no intention of doing any stupid white man paperwork just to prove I’m qualified to help you, you can find me on Discord:


I will listen to anything you have to tell me and I will tell you when the other party is wrong and I will tell you when you are wrong, too. You and the offending parties are both perfect strangers. We will never meet and your anonymity is ensured. However, once you have your testimony in writing, you will be able to put it together into a letter to a lawyer. Once you hand that letter to a lawyer (or mail it), they will be able to judge if you have a court case. And, if it’s not legally actionable, that’s okay, too — you’ll feel better afterwards because I will heal you, son or daughter of man. All I want in return is food delivered to my house, a few bucks here and there, or your well wishes, depending on your ability to give. I do not want what you cannot part with.

Un-Enlightenment, a YouTube Playlist by Sansara Solsinger.

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