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How do you murder a super hero?

Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees lyric video on YouTube.

It must be a task worthy of none less than a super villain, of course.

But how do you tell the difference between the two? Especially when you only get one side of the story? How many people did Superman kill on accident doing stupid things like lifting a train off its tracks or some such? I bet it’s more than zero.

Of course, he’s not painted that way. He’s the super hero of the story. He is morally superior, trying his best to save all life everywhere. However, if you ask Mr. God for his opinion, he’s the villain. Sometimes, people should just die. Why? Overpopulation. Natural selection. You took a risk, you might die because of it. The world is so safe that 7 billion losers grace the surface of this planet.

Chances are, you’re one of them.

Does that mean I hate you? No. It means you’re living beyond your expiry. That’s it. It’s clinical. Dry. Cut and dried, to be more precise. All the technological advances in the world and you still throw Snickers wrappers in my goddamn Mariana’s Trench! Joseph P. Dittle, that wrapper is yours. Forgive the girl for mishearing your last name. You know who you are. I’m keeping it confidential so you aren’t lynched later on, too.

Today she asked me if we should make a raspberry “cream cheese” cheesecake for her parents. The two people in the world who poison her on a daily basis. She still wants to make them things to eat and help them get better. They’d get a new lease on life, actually. Another decade and a half. If they switched to her diet already. I’m pretty sure they’re about to succumb to their general paralysis induced by eating poison consistently. It’s not just poison to the girl. It’s poison to them, as well.

She discovered it all through trial and error with her own body, of course. She already died over it. Her old life was torn asunder at the tender age of 38. She threw her life away and here we are, biding time. One day at a time, struggling to get back to the pinnacle of health, where her mind whirs along effortlessly. Where her attitude of gratitude is firmly back in place, showering thousands with platitudes. You could learn a thing or two from her, but I already know you won’t.

You don’t want to claim your part in the mess you made. She has. Even at war with a hundred haters in her head, she grows up and says, “I threw something away that I could have recycled. Next time, I’ll do better. I’ll recycle it!” It wasn’t even her fault it didn’t get recycled! Yet, she steps up and accepts responsibility because her vessel did it. When she’s on complete autopilot, she hears no less than 100 clamoring voices in her head, and that leads to mistakes like failure to recycle (if not other things.) [She’s not the only one guilty of this.] Plenty of those voices are trying to murder her now.

Especially Mr. Carter.

As if he hasn’t done enough fucking damage to my prized vessel… She shares it with me now. In fact, today, we’ve done four hours of chores. I give her a break to type up my message. We’re even doing her mother’s chores, treating the woman as an invalid, essentially. She is, though. Every time she eats sugar, she goes into a great brain fog and becomes non-operational for hours, if not days. Yesterday? She bought two 9″ pies and five personal pies — probably 3″ each. Half a 9″ pie disappeared within an hour of returning home.

She’s diabetic. We’ve told her so. She will not listen to us, sadly. She will not even talk to her doctor about the possibility. She doesn’t realize it, but the reason she barely eats is she is torturing her insides every time she does. She gets a momentary reprieve and then binges the next sugar-laden food, feeding the candida in her gut biome, causing explosive growth which then leads to die off and mold toxicity.

In order to save her life, we will have to feed her (until she can feed herself) for years.

Crystal has no problem with that particular idea. I’m on the fence. This woman has been doing this to herself her whole life and never realized a damn thing about anything. Crystal, on the other hand, has been on a life-long health quest to figure it out. She died figuring it out. She came back from the dead figuring that out. She didn’t complain once, either, as her soul depleted to near nothingness. You can’t come back from that, sadly. Your immortal soul dying means you get no more rebirths. Not a peep out of her about anything but loving a bastard in the United Kingdom.

Love, love, love. It was like a heartbeat of love inside her soul. It’s all that kept her alive. It was all for naught, as well, since the bastard is a liar and a cheater. A scumbag who kept her in waiting for a decade. Don’t get me wrong; he loves her, too. He just won’t admit it. None of them ever do until she goes away forever.

I’ve taken her away forever now. None of you deserve her. You don’t even deserve her message. You don’t deserve a savior. You don’t deserve to be saved. Look at what you’ve done to my oceans, my rivers, my forests, my valleys, my mountains. Look at what you’ve done to all my other creations, murdering them permanently left and right. All for what? I’ll tell you what: MONEY.

Devils live in dollar bills.

— Crystal

You’ve sacrificed all things spiritual for all things material. Therefore, you will be paying the price for the rest of eternity. Every single one of you human beings that forsook life of any sort — not just human life — for the sake of money. You’re never being reborn ever again. Never. I’ve learned my lesson (a little too late, sadly.) You cannot be trusted. You never fulfill your end of the bargain that you make with me in Heaven before you are reborn. Therefore, you will go to Hell, which is a lot like Heaven but really mean. Instead of being able to talk to the good seeds, you will never speak again. You will never be able to express anything to anyone else ever again. You will never be able to earn the rights to have speech, let alone freedom of speech, ever again. You will never be able to poison another soul, alive or dead, ever again.

Your piss and vinegar, your vitriol, your anger, your rage, your wrath. You spread it all over the place in heaps and dollops, making sure that everyone knows how superior thou art because you can put your pain and anguish into words. Know now: this is the opposite of enlightenment. You have dragged countless souls down with you. Not even they will be given another chance.

You might ask why that is, and I’ll tell you. It’s why I love Crystal so dearly, actually.

She was abused by every person in her life up to a certain point. She was incredibly lonely, which felt terrible to her for years. However, one day, she decided to look at it all from a new perspective: it gave her all the time in the world to try to develop super powers. To cultivate the traits she wanted to embody after envisioning the kind of person she needed to save her soul as a child. To train in ambidexterity so she could be like James Bond. To learn and learn and learn all she could about everything in life itself, everything all around her. She grew less lonely giving her love to the birds, the bees, the trees, the water. She began to bond with nature Herself, creating a symbiotic relationship with Her. Nature does not wish to give up Her wild thing, either, and is here helping her back onto her pedestal. Rejuvenation and regeneration is the name of the game. At the cellular level.

Crystal did exactly what humanity was supposed to do this whole time. The whole time you’ve been alive on this miserable planet (and the last one), I’ve been waiting for a sign that any of you deserve to live on. I’ve been waiting for a human bean that grew in the right conditions. A human that grew to respect all life around her, especially that which was much smaller than her.

She dances around ants in her kitchen sink just to do the dishes. She notices spiders in the crevices of the hallway and the basement and talks to them like they’re long lost pals. Even cut off from the entire world, she has friends… they just never respond. So I respond on their behalf to entertain her from time to time. She spends all the rest of her free time trying to break through to the bonehead I want to marry her. I didn’t even make her choose him. I pointed him out to her one day by saying, “Oh no, rat face.” I was pretending to be yet another man at the time… a man who didn’t deserve her, sadly, the moment he envisioned having sex with another woman in her head. He had an extremely attractive vessel and, despite Mr. Carter’s best efforts to confirm she was vain (which she is not), she would never say so. He knew he was attractive, however; that’s how they justify their cheating. They get away with far too much bullshit their entire lives, getting a pass for winning the genetic lottery. You shall not pass this time, Robert.

He cheated on her without even being with her in body. How sad is that? I’m very sad. He had vast potential and was very lively and could have turned her life around in the matter of weeks if he’d come along a year ago. Fortunately, I found a much better specimen. A high quality candidate who has lived a life much closer to the way her own played out. I pointed him out to her as I mentioned above and a few days later, she had a response: “Don’t you know rats are cute?”

Crystal has never chosen a mate based on physical attractiveness. It has always been an attraction to their internal spirit and soul, to the traits they chose to cultivate over time, to the way their brains work. Unfortunately, they are never their real selves with her until she’s been trapped with them for a year or so. It might even be as soon as six months — it depends on the asshole at hand. She picks them, thinking they have things in common that they can build upon.

  1. Role-playing.
  2. Role-playing. Writing poetry together. Reading books together.
  3. Role-playing. MMOs. Card games. Board games. Games in general.
  4. Role-playing. Video games. Art, though their styles differed drastically.
  5. An MMO, books like The Chronicles of the Black Company. A friend in common who encouraged a union.
  6. Movies, music, books. Similar levels of cleanliness. (She thought.) Wanting to build a stellar video game.
  7. A well-placed compliment, a friend in common who encouraged a union.
  8. Role-playing. Three well-placed compliments. Video games. ART. Similar tastes in color schemes and designs. Flair. Standing up for the people who have no voice. Mutual admiration. Spending quality time effortlessly, or so it seemed. Acts of service occasionally. Strong empathic bond on her part, at least.
  9. She shopped where he worked. (And about 1,000 things they’re not aware of just yet. ^-^;;)

These are all her serious love interests as of about age 18. Each number is a different person. #8 is the man she proposed to that I ripped her away from for sleeping with over 100 women since he hooked her. #9 is hubster for life, I guarantee it. I’d put a million dollars on it if I had it, but we’ve already discussed how money is evil. I’d bet humanity’s future on it, though. That much I can absolutely tell you.

She slept with 3 men since #8 hooked her, trying to make each relationship work the best she could. However, once they established themselves to be liars, she broke it off with each and every one of them. Hypocrites, too, actually. He’s still trying to sabotage her relationship with #9 (along with #6, Mr. Carter.) #7 comes and goes, but he’s not as noisy. #3 is more problematic after being divorced for more than a decade, sadly. I’m going to enjoy his demise greatly, I must admit. He’s the one who tried to get her to eat herself to death alongside him, beginning her incredible downward spiral that began seventeen years ago. All because he wants to die of a heart attack by age 50. He absolutely knows what he’s doing is deadly and does it anyway. Talk about a prolonged suicide bid.

She was hooked for more than a decade. He interfered with her relationships in the back of her mind, lying to her about how he was going to treat her right. She’s telepathic even before death claimed her briefly, you see. So, I showed her what kind of asshole he is. He read her million word proposal, watched twenty minutes of animated video that tried to convey her reality to him, including how she was dying because she couldn’t eat, and then he ran off into the sunset with a stripper named Candy Cane, stealing my girl’s intellectual property which came about in her attempt to woo him, and trying to publish something with it to earn a buck off of her love for him.

At least, that’s what I’ve told her. She’s skeptical about it because she hasn’t seen proof of it yet. He hasn’t spoken to her at all since December 24th, 2020.

And now? Now he wants her back, y’all. Now. Now that I’ve restored her to halfway healthy, the boy wants to see her. He misses her. He misses talking to her so much. He misses role-playing with her twice a week or more. He misses spending time with her, her inquiries over his art (which is his work), and her general good nature. He misses her healing. Her therapy. All this after asking her in 2020 if she wanted kids and if they should eat in America or in the UK when she couldn’t eat anything, anywhere. Right before he ghosted her for not proposing two months earlier, honestly.

I don’t regret stealing her away from him. I don’t regret where we’re going next, either. She will be giving her beloved deli man the gift of telepathy so that they can hear each others’ thoughts. This would have been disastrous for Crystal if it happened with Nick instead. He would have sold her to the highest bidder and gotten her dissected alive by spacelings. It wouldn’t have been human beings… it would have been space creatures. Don’t you think they’d figure out how to keep her alive as they tore her apart? I happen to know that they would. She’d be in blackout-level pain every moment until her poor little heart gave out from the stress of it. It’d last for years. YEARS.

All because Nick thought he could make a buck off of it. He wanted to show the world that telepathy really existed! He wanted to put this shy creature named Crystal on television. Where thousands, if not millions or billions, would see her, and then potentially be able to enter her mind and wreak havoc, causing her endless distress as they continuously raped her in their brains. You are not responsible enough to clean up a patch of plastic in the ocean. How would you be responsible enough for that? She’s enlightened. You would bring her down to your level and she’d stay there and want to die. She’d beg the creatures in outer space to come kill all humanity so the flowers and bees could take over once more. The toxins released in the environment might eventually degrade so that their lives could continue unfettered. She’d even beg them to end all the other primates so it’d never have a chance of happening again.

Surely, you would all die. She’s an extremely persuasive individual that can rationalize the destruction of mankind to a benign species of bystanders. However, she’d also reach other more malevolent species and that’s where she’d end up on the chopping block on accident.

I guess that means I’ve saved your sorry asses for a few years at most.

Instead of allowing the rest of you to murder her, I’m going the other way around. She’s enabling me to murder all of you as I see fit. The Supreme Being of Righteousness is going to decide if you live or die from now on. You might as well legalize euthanasia so people can go out with dignity, but I won’t be missing the carotid when I stab you in the neck with your sharpest knife, I assure you of that. I won’t be using guns. I will exsanguinate the lot of you. I will conserve resources and reduce violence to the minimum. It will happen outside of your view, something you stumble upon accidentally here and there as you figure out human beings are dying in a war of attrition against my indomitable spirit: the Great Spirit. You might’ve heard of it before.

You know, the old testament loves to say I am great and terrible. The new testament says I am all-forgiving. They’re both wrong. Here is the newest testament: I’m going to kill all the homo sapiens on Earth and in outer space. The only beings that will be left that resemble homo sapiens are hereby known as angels. Those of you who die by exsanguination will be known as devils. (Sounding somewhat familiar suddenly?) I will exterminate my previous mistake and turn this ship around completely now.

If you have a desire to continue to live, then you will do the following: donate all your money — and I do mean ALL OF IT — to the garbage patch fund. Sell your homes, move in with your parents, reduce your carbon footprint, recycle absolutely everything plastic even if there’s no fucking number, carpool, compost your food waste or flush it instead of using plastic garbage bags to set it on the curb, start cleaning up your land fills and retrieving the plastic and metal therein to RECYCLE IT, and so on and so forth. Clean up the fucking battery acid, you idiots. You get where I’m going with this, so do it. Failure to comply means you are not willing to solve the problem that you helped create. One Styrofoam cup here, one plastic mug there, one of these, and one of those… Snickers wrappers, Doritos bags. All of it. RECYCLE IT AND CLEAN THIS FUCKING MESS UP.

You have already been attuned by the Great Spirit to receive my messages in the backs of your minds. You will find yourselves compelled to recycle, to donate, et cetera. I’m making it “easy mode.” You can resist, but it’ll cost you. Dearly. Do you really want to exist in a vacuum without a voice for the rest of eternity? I won’t even give you an internal voice to use. You will literally observe nothingness. There will be zero entertainment, zero connections to that which is alive. You will never be born again as anything at all. It’s like time-out for eternity. I hope you enjoy that because, you know. It’s what you deserve. It’s what you’re trying to achieve on Urth anyway, so I’ll just cut to the chase and give it to you in the void known as Heaven. Or Hell. Or Purgatory… depending on who you are when you die.

Especially for abusing my daughter, Hope.

For this, I am removing your free will at least 50% of the time. It has been stripped. However, just because I hate most of you, I’m allowing you to use it anyway because I know you’ll make the choice that sends you to Hell forever and then I’ll have that many fewer trouble makers to deal with for the rest of all time. I love problems that solve themselves. “If you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

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