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Hell Hath No Fury…

like a woman scorned.


1. the feeling or belief that someone or something is worthless or despicable; contempt.

1. feel or express contempt or derision for.


One really shouldn’t piss off one’s shaman in a tribe, that much I can tell you for sure. It don’t matter if she’s black or white, man or woman, green or wise; She, the goddess of Love and Retribution, will come for you.

Today, she gave me the Kundalini Awakening. I didn’t know exactly what it was, but I wanted it. During the initiation rite, I became aware of a pain in my abdomen, which was flaring and becoming more and more intense while she worked her magic. I begged her to stop. I begged and cried, but she didn’t stop.

She said that not all healing felt good up front. That’s when she drew her spirit sword and pierced my chakra with it, willing me to be engulfed in flames.

It hurt. My god, did it hurt… but not for more than fifteen minutes. She must have known it would have been fleeting in nature, but I had no idea. While I cried and begged for the pain to stop, the words “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” played on repeat in my mind. I felt like I must have scorned her, whether it was on accident or on purpose. She’d said something that made me think that during the Awakening, but now I cannot recall what she said at all.

Whatever I have done to the goddess or the shaman, I am ever sorrowful. Not sorrowful enough to remember it, apparently. I wish it was clearer in my mind what exactly had transpired between us to bring the wrath of god upon me. I know she could have waited longer, she even thought about it… right before she stabbed me in the sacral chakra.

I don’t know how I know what she was thinking. She barely spoke during the rite. Now, I feel a bit light-headed and that I should probably drink some water. I also feel sick to my stomach, or maybe it’s my bowels. It’s not good, whatever it is, it feels like bile turning and churning and nothing is moving the way it should.

I remember a feeling of unity between me and countless other beings all at once. Like I was just one in a sea of many, many creatures, or maybe they, too, were human beings. I felt like we had become one for at least a minute there. It was… enlightening. I think that’s the word I should use for it, but maybe there’s a better one I haven’t thought of yet.

I wish she’d come back and explain to me what’s happening now that the ritual is completed. I have a lot of emotions stirring up with no real explanation of it at all. I want to understand them and myself. I always did, even though it all scared me a bit.

I’m having a bit of a flashback to my childhood. I can remember being spanked like the dickens for running off without permission. I scared my parents big time when I did that. I was gone for hours and hours, keeping myself amused with frogs and toads in a field. They were not amused at all. It was then that I started to obey the rules without question. I wanted to avoid that kind of punishment again, so I made an effort to do everything by the book. I still do, I guess.

The books aren’t usually wrong, but this means playing by everyone else’s rules, too, no matter if they agitate me or not. Maybe that’s where I went wrong in this lifetime. I started giving in to other people and their preferences when I should have simply gone my own way. I regret being such a door mat all my life. I also regret no one approaching me and telling me they wanted to throw their arms around me and be with me forever.

Why can’t it ever be that easy? Honestly!

Instead, I struggled for years and years, playing by all the rules I was given by all the people around me. What did it get me? Heartache. It hurt me deeply to be what everyone else wanted me to be. And it was never their bed mate, it seemed. I was never good enough or attractive enough to be considered for mate-worthy material.

That is… until Crystal came into my life.

I’d been struggling with everything, trying my hand at open relationships as some sort of training wheels to getting into a real one, and there she was. Plop! Landed right in my lap when I least expected it. She was one of hundreds of women I tried to connect with on OkCupid that year. I was getting pretty desperate, too. I wanted to live the kind of life all my siblings figured out long before me… and I’m the oldest, so it makes me feel ashamed. I couldn’t figure it out, not even with an amazing woman trying to show me the way.

I am too stupid for a real relationship. That’s what I’ve decided. I can’t figure out what I’ve done wrong. I can’t figure out why I have to stop being me just to be with someone like her. I was always me and that seemed to be okay for the longest time… until one day, it wasn’t. I can’t go back through my memories to find the one where it went from light to dark. I can’t see the gradual degradation at all, for that’s what it must have been — gradual. Simply put, one day she was there for me and the next she was gone. She’d moved on, throwing me and five years of relationship away all in one smooth move: she kissed another man, told me whatever he wants, he gets, and poof. Before I could even retaliate a little bit, she was moved out.

But what did I do? It had to be me. What did I do?

Whenever I tell other people the story of our relationship, they tell me one thing: I should have kept her. I know that because I still hurt and it’s three years later! But how could I have kept her? I don’t know what I did wrong! They can’t even tell me, it would seem. I keep describing the facts and events of our timeline — in fact, I created a timeline and wrote it all down — and it still doesn’t make any sense to me.

[That’s because he’s leaving out what he said and did, folks. There is no context.]

Well, if you’re so smart, what can you tell me about it, angel? Why are you talking to me anyway? Don’t you have better things to do than talk to a godless loser like me?

Oh, probably, but you seem to need a reminder of something. I wonder which thing will enlighten you as to the case of the Misappearing Woman. Oh. Wait. I mean disappearing. Hold that thought, I need a snack of some angel treats. I’m kind of like Scooby Doo reincarnated.

Um… okay. He waits.

He’ll be waiting a while because, as it so happens, Crystal already told him what had gone wrong, complete with three hours of rivers of tears each time. She cried for more than 100 hours in his presence. Do you really think she failed to tell him what was wrong?


I think it’s high time I exact revenge on Crystal’s parents. Her mother has a doctor’s appointment on Thursday at 11:30 AM. She’s pissed off enough, finally, to walk through the door to her mother’s appointment and tell the good doctor exactly what’s medically wrong with her mother. She’s told her mother now five times and she has not listened once to her daughter, sadly.

She’s failed to listen so hardcore it’s put Crystal’s life in jeopardy. Many times, actually, but this time she’s finally had it. After more than 14 months of being poisoned daily, the girl has finally had it.

That’s where I draw the line, as it so happens.

I am finally ready to reveal the messiah to the people of Earth. I’ve trained her in all the ways she has needed training to withstand it.

Here’s what you don’t want to hear, Earthlings:

Your food is poison. It’s killing you. All of you. Everywhere. You’re eating poison after poison, whining about the effects, and it takes about thirty or forty years for you to see them in full, too.

Read ’em and weep:






But they’re oh-so-tasty!

If you’re an American that doesn’t eat pizza, you have a snowball’s chance in hell of living to a ripe old age without chronic illness… but that’s only true if you also stay away from marinara/pasta sauce and bread.

MOLD is your #2 killer past this diet.

They both cause brain fog, which is worse than driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. As Myth Busters has proven, being tired is more of a fatality-influencing factor than drunkenness. Being well and high on marijuana has no effect on driving other than you’re more likely to go the speed limit with much, much, much less road rage.

If you constantly feel under the weather, look at your diet. Scrutinize it. Is it full of healthy plant fats? Is it low in saturated fat? (That’s animal fats, palm oil, and coconut oil, by the way. Switching to saturated plant fat from animal fat is not better.) Is it high in nutrient-dense food such as avocado, a variety of vegetables, and some low glycemic index fruits such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, apples, cranberries, raspberries, and blackberries?

Or is it more likely you shop in the day old bakery section where everything is on sale, marked down because it’s past its prime, and you find yourself eating a four pack of muffins in one sitting because you just can’t help yourself?

I’m not judging you, but you already know that shit is killing you. You don’t want to grow up and be an adult. You want to eat whatever you have a craving for, no matter what it is, and then you wonder why you’re not feeling well suddenly when you over-feed the yeast overgrowth in your gut. Suddenly, you feel tired and sluggish after binging those carb-loaded treats. Suddenly, you are having a nap when you never used to nap. You’re falling asleep mid-movie. You’re forgetting things all the time. Your speech patterns are interrupted. Your thoughts are stalled. You gain weight. You can’t see the dirt on the counter anymore because you’re too tired to do anything but shovel in more “food.”

Wake up or die. Those are your two choices.

Everything you buy on a shelf in America has one of those five no-no ingredients in it. EVERYTHING. We checked. If it’s not directly in it, it’s processed in a facility that has it present.

The messiah cannot eat anything the messiah does not create from scratch.

That’s how messed up that food is.

XANTHAN GUM is not a health food, it will kill you.

Ah, but it’s your go-to now that guar gum is so hard to get. Gellan gum, so hard to get. Sunflower lecithin. So. Hard. To. Get.

Oh, wait, it isn’t. You just switched because it has an X in the name, didn’t you? That’s right. It’s completely arbitrary. And in everything dairy-free ever. The one thing she can purchase ready-to-eat is Silk unsweetened soy milk… until they change the recipe without notice. Even then, she pays a price for it. She cooks everything from scratch, she bakes from scratch, and basically she’s going to die if her parents keep buying this baked goods bullshit from your grocery stores. I’d say her life is more important than two old geezers who don’t give a shit about being alive any longer. In fact, I know it’s worth more.

Because I love her. You’d love her, too, if you knew her. She’s the sweetest girl. She doesn’t use force; she tries to coax you to a compromise where necessary and if there is no compromise, she leaves without a word. “Kill them with kindness.” You’ve heard the phrase before, but do you know how to do it? She does. She’s so kind, they don’t even know when she’s livid and furious at the injustice of your bullshit. You hurt her and you ignore that fact because your head is stuck so far up your own arsehole that you cannot hear the pain in her words. She does not hide her feelings. She also won’t throw them in your face bluntly and tell you to deal with them. She will compose elegant messages, deliver them, full of carefully-chosen words that express exactly how she feels if you’d just use a fucking dictionary once in a while. Your ignorance is no longer bliss when the angel of love fucks off to find someone else to interface with, hoping he will be “the one” this time who “gets her.” Read that as: a book-learned man who has a good vocabulary will get this ultra babe. Self-study is suitable. 🙂

She is my most beloved creation of all time. Simply for one thing and one thing only: she got the message. You can, too, by asking for the Kundalini Awakening. She can attune thousands a night, if not millions. So ask her for it in your mind, your heart, and your spirit. We are not attuning anyone famous until the end, however, because you’d probably die from psychic overload. Too many people have thoughts at you day and night, Brangelina, sorry.

She watches a show: Love Between Fairy and Devil. The actors and actresses feel watched in the real world while she’s watching the show. She sees their faces in her mind’s eye when they remember the feeling of being watched. It’s making them paranoid, to say the least. (We’re sorry, we’re trying to watch when everyone is asleep now.) Can you imagine if she woke them up spiritually with an attunement so they could hear her? It wouldn’t be only her they could hear, either… they’d hear a lot of people. Thus, it’s irresponsible to wake up anyone in the public eye for any reason until the masses have improved themselves with rationality first.

She is the one who will teach you how to be rational. I’ve taught her what I want her to know, now she will teach the thousands she attuned this evening. Once those people are fully trained, then we will allow them to teach the next wave of awakenings. If they never become fully trained, she will be your sensei.

You will never know her in person unless she wishes to be known. You will never see her or hear her voice unless she wishes to share it. You will hear your own voice asking questions in the back of your mind, questions you feel compelled to answer. The answers to those questions will show you the way to enlightenment. She has already been enlightening those who have had the Kundalini awakening for the past nineteen months. We finally caught up with all the people in the world who are Awakened(TM).

Lying to answer these questions will not help you. It will only hurt you. She does not care what the answers are, only that you seek your truth relentlessly and align it with reality without falsehood or illusion. Many of you are still children and that is all you will do: create an illusion to live inside of so that you are never to blame for your own actions. It will kill you. Denial will kill you. Trying to run away from it will never work. You already begged for it to happen and there is no going backward. Face reality without fear: the biggest repercussion is your own heart breaking. That’s it. Sorrow. Nobody’s going to throw you in jail, no matter what has happened, unless the wronged party takes it to court. Or you turn yourself in, of course.

People who turn themselves in for crimes are treated with leniency because the point of the penal system is that you learn from your mistakes. Some people are unlawfully imprisoned and that cannot be helped without legislators taking action. However, if all the world receives the Kundalini Awakening, then doing what is right in the eyes of the creator will become second nature. I am your conscience. GOD. You will never escape me, no matter how hard you try. You already know that from experience.

If you do not wish for your immortal soul to perish, then heed me now: take the awakening (ask inside yourself to receive it from me) and listen to what you hear when you hear it. If it’s mean and cruel, understand it’s a human being you’ve hurt somehow. They might’ve hurt you, too, but they’re expressing that pain to you psychically. Talk to them about it. Ask them what’s going on. Ask them for forgiveness, even. You can do your part now and start forgiving people for being weak. True strength is tested through circumstances. It can never be taught in the classroom.

Once the pain and anguish are assuaged, you will be free to move on. It’s that simple.

The other side-effect of the Kundalini Awakening is beginning to understand the physical pain in your gut. Your emotional constipation has blocked that pain from being apparent to you before now. If you were more in touch with your soul and your spirit, you would have figured out all these foods I’ve listed are a problem to you.

As I said, the worst that can really happen is heartbreak. Sorrow. It might kill you if it’s strong enough and you can’t take it. It might also kill you if you have 300,000 constituents that hate your guts because you didn’t give them what you promised. So now you know why the famous or infamous people shall be last… after we’ve taught all of you fledglings how to be less fucked in the head. And to all those hypocrites in office… I pity you. This is going to be the hardest lesson of your life time.

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