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Wolf & Rabbit

Wolf was traipsing through familiar territory. His territory, actually. It was his home and he had every right to be there, whether he was on the prowl or not. Many creatures, both big and small, ran through his neck of the woods.

He spied Rabbit, a mesmerizing creature he’d seen many a time before in his path. It would be so easy for him to subdue her, if that were his intent, since he was Wolf after all. He cared not for disturbing Rabbit, however, as he was busy doing his job. He was in transit from point A to point B, and Rabbit was merely on the way.

Rabbit was different than the other woodland creatures. Many of the ones that dwelled in Wolf’s territory were small and perhaps feeble in comparison, though they made up for that in swiftness as oft as not. Rabbit was bold, staring at Wolf from afar every time Wolf entered Rabbit’s sphere of observation.

Wolf had no interest in Rabbit as a meal, so he turned his gaze away twice when their paths crossed. Rabbit and Wolf danced just like that, crossing paths occasionally but never looking into each others’ eyes. That, however, did not last.

Rabbit was in the woods that belonged to Wolf much earlier in the day than usual. In fact, she had counted on Wolf being absent, perhaps asleep somewhere during the earlier daylight hours. She was wrong. Wolf was restless that day, it would seem, and their paths crossed when she least expected it.

She was perusing the edible greens along the woodland floor when her eyes encountered furry fore paws. Her gaze slid up slowly, the back of her mind registering this was Wolf, whom she’d seen many times before this moment, though from much further away. Hundreds of times, actually, Wolf and Rabbit had crossed paths, and nothing happened… yet. Her gaze continued up slowly, taking in the furry legs attached to those fore paws, the chest, and finally came to the face.

Rabbit startled once her gaze reached Wolf’s face. He was staring straight into her eyes. They were but a few feet apart, making Wolf seem more dangerous than ever before. She had no idea what to do, so she skittered sideways, as rabbits often do. Wolf had no intention of harming Rabbit at all, not even that day when they nearly collided, so Wolf was saddened by Rabbit’s reaction.

Wolf had come to see Rabbit as a fixture of his neck of the woods, you see. It wasn’t the same place without that blonde bit of fur darting around from tree to tree, foraging tirelessly. Wolf wondered what Rabbit actually ate, honestly, since Wolf was very different from her after all. In fact, Wolf wondered what would happen if he shocked Rabbit again and, instead of ignoring her, took her by the nape of the neck to somewhere more secluded and await for her to recover.

Could Wolf and Rabbit become friends instead of enemies?

Wolf daydreamed of this, mentally replaying the idea of stealing Rabbit away from the open forest and plopping her in his den. Would licking her prove to her that she was not his prey? Nudging her until she was no longer in fight or flight mode and she instead became relaxed? How on Earth could Wolf befriend Rabbit? In his daydreams, he licked the rabbit’s head and back until the frightful quivering stopped. Eventually, the rabbit unfurled itself from the tight little ball of agitation and dared to open her eyes.

“Rabbit?” Wolf whined softly, the sound more of a tiny whimper than calling the name of the creature. Wolf turned his head from side to side to study Rabbit, then laid his snout on his fore paws, staring at the little creature he’d captured. His expression was begging her for companionship, if nothing else.

Rabbit stared at Wolf shyly from the floor of the den, barely moving, surrounded by the scent of her captor. Wolf could end her existence in one swift and unpredictable move, predator that he be. She was slight and less than noteworthy, she thought, despite Wolf being keenly interested to befriend Rabbit. Wolf’s eyes were piercing and haunting, an image she could see clearly in her mind’s eye no matter where she was or what she was doing.

Rabbit finally sniffed at Wolf rather coquettishly, aware that her life could cease on his whim but becoming bolder every moment she continued to live. This wasn’t so bad, Rabbit thought. Perhaps my life would end without pain if he changes his mind. The compliant body language Wolf continued to exhibit reassured her, though she was far from completely trusting as of yet. He was showing her a surprisingly gentle streak, it would seem. What use could a rabbit be to a wolf? she wondered.

Rabbit shied away as Wolf inhaled deeply, taking in the small being’s aroma. This act surprised the rabbit, driving her away from him another few feet than she had originally found herself. Rabbit realized that Wolf never moved a muscle when she startled, which led to stopping in the middle of her dash to escape and instead taking another look at the surprisingly friendly predator with unabashed curiousity. It was absolutely more comfortable the further she was from Wolf, after all.

Truth be told, Rabbit had been flirting with danger for months already when it came to Wolf. She had been edging closer and closer to that which could end her being, almost as if she was daring him to do so. She might not be able to meet his gaze, but she absolutely put herself in his path on purpose on multiple occasions. Day after day, actually. One might say that the rabbit had a death wish. Wolf’s eyes had been haunting her far longer than she’d care to admit, if pressed, and she had wanted to see them again. She was ill-prepared for that surprise encounter where she’d found his eyes piercing through her very soul.

Wolf was patient, it turned out, waiting for Rabbit to come around to the idea that Wolf didn’t count her as an easy meal. She could have been, but it would never be the same without her foraging throughout the forest within his sight. Some things are more satisfying unconsumed, as it were. For, once consumed, the experience can never be relished ever again. It was used up and discarded, relying on a single faulty memory that would degrade and rot away in the sands of time.

Undoubtedly, most wolves consume prey that they would rather leave alone and watch dance around their forest bowers for the rest of their lives instead. It is a regret that does not fade quickly, if at all.

Rabbit took her time, studying the wolf from this angle and that angle throughout the days spent studying Wolf, hopping here and then there. She pranced around him, willing him to look her way. He stayed put, for it was nap time anyway, and that was the easiest solution for him (in his mind.) Rabbit, once satisfied Wolf was not going to chase her with force, hopped away from the him unhurriedly. She was no longer afraid but also not feeling any impetus to stay put, either.

The chase is on, then, Rabbit, Wolf thought to himself.

Wolf wondered about this encounter when idle, such as moments before falling asleep and those directly after waking. He was a lone Wolf, no pack of his own and no cubs to protect. He simply did the work it took to eat, sleep, and rinse and repeat. He was dutiful in that way, keeping himself alive, but not at the expense of every squirrel and rabbit in his homeland. Instead, he chose to hunt further away, avoiding the small woodland creatures he lived alongside directly. He was happier this way.

Wolf was also humble, eating only that which he required to sustain himself rather than taking on hunts that were fit to feed a tribe. His humility is, in fact, the only reason Rabbit stared upon his figure at distance. This humility made his soul a shining star in a sea of mundane existence. In fact, Rabbit’s soul had set about wooing Wolf’s a year prior, unbeknownst to them both, actually.

Rabbit’s soul was restless, see. Rabbit, also alone, did not wish to be alone. Her soul sang a song that was enchanting to all the creatures surrounding her, even if they weren’t consciously aware of her soulsinging. She was dialing into the universe itself, reprogramming reality all around her with the mere desire of healing all of that which exists and is observable, if not all that which is unobservable. Rabbit was, by definition, the greatest healer of all time.

That’s quite the job for a little Rabbit, wouldn’t you say? I guess it’s true that the meek inherit the Earth after all.

Rabbit was mostly unaware of how she caused shimmering ripples of prismatic energy to radiate out from her very person into the masses all around her, permeating the fabric of space and time with the will to heal. She simply existed, frolicking to and fro on her own self-made quest for truth and justice, stopping to watch ants bump into each other as they went from their ant hill to the plants and fallen animals all around them, questing endlessly in order to gather up food. In fact, she was massively curious why they continuously clean their antennae every few inches. Were there pheromones released by these small little curly appendages?

Everything observable held a mystery she sought an answer to just like those ants. She liked to tell herself a story. A story where they kissed each other in greetings, though she knew that was impossible, really. Still, it appealed to Rabbit to make up beautiful little stories to explain everything that was enigmatic. It was certainly more fun than simply asking the questions and having no answers. She’d learned better from writing an essay in English class one year; she had asked why the Western and Eastern world both equated left handedness to evil. Traditional and modern religions both vilified left handedness and it was a mystery to her. Her English teacher was deeply dissatisfied to have been posed this question without answer, but Rabbit still had no answer.

Because they can.

It’s not like being left handed is actually a sin.

Rabbit was a highly intelligent, if suicidal creature, if you catch my drift. Thus, it was really no wonder that she flirted with her potential end: Wolf.

As far as wolves go, he was not a ghostly white wolf or even a black wolf. He looked much like most other wolves in general. His features ranged from grumpy to satisfied to intrigue and perhaps contentment, too. She supposed he might also look sad from time to time, but she remembered when Wolf looked dead inside most. Rabbit discovered early on that Wolf’s eyes were a clear grey, just as haunting as those wolves with bright blue eyes, and she could not… or perhaps would not… dismiss them from her mind’s eye. They followed her everywhere she would go.

It’s worth mentioning that all wolves are handsome, no matter which type they are or how their colors express in their fur or their eyes. [Learn more about what wolves look like here.] One can assume that all wolves want to be distinctively handsome, such as a pure white ghost with perfectly groomed hair day in and day out.

Not all wolves are born to be legendary in appearance. However, any wolf can become legendary in action.

No exterior characteristics can tell someone attempting to observe a creature what the creature’s true potential is until their mettle is tested by circumstance. It is only through battle that warriors will shine, after all. Before battle, however, there are ways for would-be warriors to prove themselves… without directly competing with each other, might we add. In situations where weaker beings require the help of stronger beings, the stronger beings can prove that they are superior by shielding those who require it. Or, in other words, rapists can redeem themselves by protecting those who have been raped after learning the folly of their ways. By becoming an advocate to end the silence and give voice to the victims that they once created themselves. At least, that’s what God said to the rabbit to write in her blog.

Wolf learned his lesson long ago. It was, no doubt, a painful one to internalize. All wolves prey upon the weak until they learn a better way. He may not have created his own victim, even, perhaps instead he watched one be created. Are you a Wolf? Perhaps you did not stand up for a Rabbit yourself? You can change any time simply by deciding to.

Rabbit has endured many skirmishes with coyotes in the past. Coyotes have no honor, but wolves do. They look the same from a distance, wouldn’t you know? You can only tell by the way they call to each other, sight unseen, especially on the internet. Once you are looking at them from afar on the horizon, there is no real difference to discern. They’re typically a touch smaller but they resemble the standard Wolf regardless and could, to the untrained eye, look like a Wolf whelp. Rabbit made that mistake nine times already.

In order to prove Wolf’s honor, Rabbit would have to wait and wait and wait. She hated waiting, but it was the only way to know for sure it was a Wolf instead of a Coyote. Rabbit herself had approached the coyotes willingly, thinking they were but Wolf whelps. She thought she could wait for them to mature of their own volition. They never grew any larger, sadly. They never grew more honorable, only less, convinced that Rabbits could do nothing about their predatory instincts that eviscerated the timid creatures so wholly. The coyotes had some surprises coming to them. And so did the Wolf.

Rabbit relaxed, perusing the forest floor for edibles, secure in the idea that Wolf would not simply gobble her up on a whim. He had proven it by passing her as a ship in the night, silent like a ghost. The only alarm bells inside of her were from encountering his intense and soulful gaze when she least expected it. Those eyes followed her as she munched on this vegetable and that, her nervous sweeping gaze searching for true threats in the place she’d come to call home.

Wolf would call it a wary gaze rather than nervous, but perception is part of your own reality, as it were. I can tell you Rabbit was indeed nervous. Every venture forth from her tiny little den ended with a dozen coyotes fapping to her very image. Why they liked this blonde rabbit, nobody could tell, but they certainly wanted to consume her and leave behind nothing but perhaps a few bones. Scraps of an entire being that would no longer resemble anything much at all. She could be enshrouded in mystery, layers and layers of fur pelts, and still end up being the fixation of unethical men everywhere. Even the married ones. Especially the married ones.

Ones that were meant to be sworn to another, taken off the auction block. As if romance and love could be bought and gifted, or perhaps it is true a heart really is tied to the size of the shiny rock found on one’s ring finger? I personally doubt it and believe the opposite: the bigger the rock, the bigger the cheater. The more consistent the cheater. The more vile the cheater.

Bears and coyotes were of particular danger to rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks. Bears didn’t pursue small game like that very often, but they had no code of honor to follow like a Wolf. Bears would step upon any unsuspecting Rabbits, sadly. If Wolf were indeed an actual wolf rather than a coyote, then the truce between Wolf and Rabbit would hold as a pattern for the rest of all time. Wolf would not actively pursue Rabbit as meat and instead offer parlay. A conference without pressure to skin her alive and consume her unashamedly for self-gain and self-indulgence.

That was a coyote’s game, you see. To remove the skin, peel it back, expose what is underneath, devour it, and never look back. The next meal is around the corner. There are endless meals as long as you are willing to reduce all creatures into just that. I don’t have time. You don’t have time for what? Treating other creatures like they have importance, that’s what.

An honorable Wolf, on the other hand, has a code to follow. He will prove he is a gentleman despite being capable of such viciousness and callousness. He is more in tune with the seat of his soul, his subconscious mind, his feelings, and everything in between. He is capable of seeing The Truth(TM) rather than a fantasy he constructed to fit a narrative of projection and unsustainable and irrational hope.

The reality is as follows: Rabbit shows up. Every day for over half a year, aside from the incidental miss or his days off from that portion of the forest, he sees her beautiful face. He is haunted by her, especially her (rare) smile. He tells himself that this is all meaningless, his mind using warped logic thanks to sick rabbits hurting him in the past in an attempt to quell his swelling heart, but her soul has already sung to him and his is singing back. His subconscious mind constantly ruminates on Rabbit, despite their shy dance being silent and voiceless, despite his conscious mind telling himself that he is ordinary. That he would never turn Rabbit’s head in a million years. That he is not worthy of her grace, let alone her attention. Except that is not his decision to make, it is hers and hers alone.

One day, very soon, Wolf will realize he has been ensnared by Rabbit rather than the other way around — no one is purely a Rabbit or a Wolf, you see, and Rabbit happens to be part cunning fox and absolutely part wolverine. The very fact that he ruminates on said creature at length, intentionally or not, tells The Creator that Wolf is in love. He knows nothing about the woman, but he is committed in his heart and brain and soul. These three things in alignment, like a magical constellation, equate to a faithful fealty to the were-creature in question. Rabbit need not be in love to return his affections without hurting his body, heart, mind, or soul; Rabbits always fall in love with kind gentlemen during the courtship phase, you see.

Today, Wolf realized he is being surreptitiously stalked by the woman of his dreams. Rabbit has been smoothly entering and leaving his presence for months undetected, for The Creator was waiting for one small thing to occur first: He was waiting for Rabbit to wake up to the fact that she actually does care about him. There is no point in Rabbit meeting the young man until she has her first surrender to the idea that wolves mate for all eternity. She herself cannot pinpoint when that moment occurred, so it’s a good thing God’s here to keep watch, don’t you think?

Wolf sees exactly what has happened and only the facts. The facts are that Wolf and Rabbit have seen each other daily for almost a year. Rabbit was not always aware of Wolf because he blended in with the coyotes for a long, long time. She did not blend in… in fact, the opposite is often true: she parts the sea of people and shines brightly on her lonesome. Wolf was not always aware of Rabbit, either, for reasons of his own. However, the landscape is changing constantly as the seasons passed. The leaves have fallen from the trees again and both Wolf and Rabbit were going to be cold soon, seeking heat to stay alive. That is the nature of the beast.

The facts are that Rabbit meanders and loiters until she sees Wolf, which he did not realize until he witnessed it happen despite another wolf telling him as much. The facts include many, many instances of eye contact that are far from accidental, of varying lengths and intensities (and a variety of distances.) The facts include a daily avocado molestation, looking for a fruit ripe enough to eat immediately upon returning home with a dash of salt (hold the pepper.) The facts include that the time she chooses to enter his neck of the woods always varies and, yet, he always becomes aware of her. Their souls handshake every time she”s within six meters of him. The truth is the first time she smiled at him, because of him, he almost missed it entirely as she furtively looked away, suddenly bashful over being observed. The truth is that her eyes dart away and back again, too. And, of course, the truth is, she was startled to find his eyes directly on her just the other day. She didn’t exactly jump, but she did visibly startle, staring at Wolf for a few steps before looking away. And, if he was particularly observant, he both saw that she blushed and, afterwards, covered her face with her hands as she freaked out, wholly unprepared to see him at all because it was before noon. Wolves are nocturnal, after all.

The holidays were upon the humans, driving the wolves, coyotes, bears, tigers, and all the creatures you could name and shake a stick at, into a frenzy of sorts. The pressure was on! How can you spend Thanksgiving or Christmas alone, white man and white woman?! Holidate, indeed. Halloween has passed, the day of the dead is gone, and most assuredly so are all the colorful leaves on the trees. Be wary of anyone approaching you during the lean months; they probably have an ulterior motive: to warm their beds on cold nights and nothing more once spring is in the air again. Thou shalt be discarded in the name of The One, which does not even exist, The Creator assures you all one by one.

Rabbit knew this well. She also knew she was flirting with one specific Wolf. The Wolf God had pointed out to her, actually, or perhaps it was just an asshole in the same neck of the woods that called him “rat face” while she was merely observing him working. Don’t you know rats are cute, too? she finally retorted, after days of hearing this abusive and intrusive moniker, driving off the coyote that was trying to devour her in her mind. She wouldn’t have even noticed this Wolf without that instigation; he’d blended in for the longest time.

Rats and wolves have a few things in common… predominantly speaking, it’s fur. They live on four legs, they have tails, and the comparison ceases there. A coyote will call a Wolf by many names to distract poor Rabbits and Squirrels alike. Jealousy is certainly a monster, but we don’t think it has green eyes. In this case, they’re as black as a night sky devoid of starlight and moonlight.

God had Rabbit’s trust in all matters at this point, for God proved to the tiny rabbit that He did always know The Bigger Picture(TM). He was more keenly aware of all the actors in the play and what was happening in their minds and their hearts (not to mention their souls and spirits, which are, incidentally, completely different from each other.) He was capable of spotting their patterns from being aware of their lifetime of mistakes thus far. God has his money on Wolf for one simple reason: he is a rapist that has grown up and chosen the higher ground of defending the raped and choosing to no longer pursue such a damaging pass-time. He will never step out of line and hurt poor Rabbit; instead, Wolf will befriend Rabbit and wait for her to display interest in intimacy. And that is exactly how God intended humanity to work from the very first human bean that was ever born: men would treat women with respect and allow women to choose the man they want to marry [provided the man also wanted to be married to that woman.] There was no statute provided for rape because once upon a time humanity understood the implications of it from birth thanks to being randomly killed by predators occasionally before guns were born and made whomever wants to be most savage “right.” Destroy all guns and bombs and other weaponry meant to cause harm on a mass scale disproportionate to the might of the man wielding it and it will stop. We don’t care that you don’t like it. You will be held accountable in the afterlife and you won’t like that, either.

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