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Round 1: The Hungarian.

The Hungarian Flag, shamelessly stolen from kafkadesk.

It looks better in color. (It’s red, white, green.)

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is committing crimes against humanity.

According to a real Hungarian, rather than Anglicized news from the Hungarians, Orbán , they are facing potential genocide this winter as the PM just spent all the funds meant for heating their homes on Vodafone. (4iG is Orbán’s company and the “Hungarian State” is Orbán.) Instead of lowering the cost of heating, like their good neighbors, The Czech Republic, which is 20-30 Florint per meter cubed (20-30Ft/m3), their heating cost is 700Ft/m3.

Because of the generally poor income levels of the average Hungarian, many have taken to the forests to acquire wood without any permits or authorization in order to heat their homes this winter. And now it becomes a crime against God because that forest houses God’s creatures.

Orbán owns all the vacant farmland in Hungary, as well… so what’s next? Starving his own people? Of course, that is not what the news says these days. It says, rather, that the PM wants Hungarian ownership of Hungarian farmland. He doesn’t want to send workers out of the country to other farms to pick the produce.

New York Times Article of Origin.

Recall that not so long ago, we were all reading 1984 and other dystopian novels about a government that erases all facts and publishes only fiction. According to my sources, Hungary is doing just that. If someone writes protest information on Facebook, it will be removed by the Hungarian government.

“So if I write in Facebook that the Hungarian PM is a thief, then the president’s people will report me.”

This is what’s happening this week in Hungary and what does the English-speaking world know? Teachers want a living wage. Not “we might all die in the cold of winter because Orbán bought Vodafone instead of investing in the peoples.”

Hungarian Protest October 22nd, 2022.
Hungarian Protest October 23rd, 2022.
Hungarian Protest October 23rd, 2022.
Hungarian Protest October 23rd, 2022.

Apparently, PM Orbán admits to having schizophrenia, which could very well affect his ability to lead and make executive decisions to benefit the greater good. I’m on the fence about that particular pain point because I’m here to save the world and I’m schizophrenic, as well, so… it could be moot. Except just now, my Hungarian friend just mentioned it’s the paranoid kind.

PM Orbán has schizophrenia paranoia.

The average salary of an everyday Hungarian is 250-300 (USD) per month with maximum earning potential of 1,000 (USD) per month (which is extremely rare — like unicorns.)

Exchange rates of Hungarian Forint to USD on 10/24/2022.
Average Hungarian Salary.

So, if one has a home that is 250m3, and it’s 700 Florint per m3, then that would come out to something around 380-400,000 Florint for the entire winter. The average salary will bring in 503,174.20 for the winter. It will cost them 100,000 Florint more than they can make for proper heating at the projected prices shared with me. And all so Vodafone can be owned by the PM.

I think someone needs a lesson in want vs. need.

Citizens of Urth, I need your help: I need you to start concentrating on Orbán growing a heart. He’s lost himself to his head and forgotten what it is like to struggle, if he ever knew what it was like to begin with. In fact, this is every politician everywhere. I think it’s time we start praying and wishing and hoping they grow a heart. Altogether now! All you need is love…

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