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My Spirit’s Journey

I am nomming on some mixed nuts coated in avocado oil, garlic, and dill seasonings. YUM! (And a few cracks of Himalayan salt, of course.)

I sit here, under attack spiritually. This has been the case for eons. But why?

Because I’m a beautiful woman that nobody wants to just talk to.

This is the shittiest world I could ever dream up, to tell you the truth. I dream of a world where men actually think about the women they fuck instead of inserting me in the equation. That’s right. I’m psychic and it SUCKS.

So I’m also turning into a bit of a mischief maker. A Loki, if you will.

I’m going to kill them all. Their bodies will continue to walk around but their spirits will scream, cry, lament, limp, and eventually waste away if they don’t take heed. Especially the womanizers. The ones who fuck bodies instead of loving the women they lie with and calling them their wives. Fornicators, in a word. Behold, heathen, I shall baptize you with the light of GOD!

Or something like that, anyway. 😉

I have already begun, smashing their egos to a pulp with my trusty morning star, Lucifer. (What? I’ve been absconded from my technowizardry and forced upon the path to right that which is crooked. I’m going to have fun while I’m at it. Also, I spit on your religion. SO THERE! TAKE THAT!)

(That’s not so awful, is it?)

If black roses could be seen by everyone, you’d all mourn the death and destruction lying in your wakes. If blue roses would register in your little pea brains, you’d avoid the black ones, the withered and dead. If any roses registered — yes, they’re metaphorical roses, get over it — then we’d be better off. I asked God to trade the roses for peace lilies, but we might need more solutions than that altogether.

I pray for peace. I pray for the animals to conquer the humans once more. I pray for balance and restoration of Mother Nature. I pray for Gaia to pull through all the poison we spray and spritz all about us in the name of smelling good and killing everything Not Us. I pray to die so I can get away from the psychopaths trying to kill me repeatedly. I pray the psychopaths singularly die in one blow if I cannot escape, for retaliation is the only way to stay alive in that case.

Not what you want your messiah to pray for, is it?

Too bad.

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