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Radio Silence

I was listening to a local station and it went silent for over ten minutes. I was kind of surprised… usually the only hiccup in their programming is replaying the same song once midnight rolls around. (I find this an amusing bug in their system… whatever was on when it strikes midnight repeats once the song naturally ends. I find it comforting I can call it midnight without looking at the clock.)

Clipart Hearts | Reiki Healing

If you paused on the image above, feeling a bit weird, it’s because of reiki healing. I’m using the rules of telepathy (well, bending them) to see if this works or not. I’d really like to know, but only you can tell me, dear reader.

I love music. It could be an understatement to say that. I haven’t been listening much lately because I hear people I don’t want anywhere near my delicate, innocent brain. There’s a handsy one that thinks only about sexual activities that I left in the past. (Bro, it’s been THREE YEARS, can you fucking move on already?) There’s the one who accepts defeat but doesn’t know how to stop thinking about me, he even thinks about the song by Plain White Ts — Hey there Delilah — where it mentions making it with the guitar. Why? Why do you think about me? Go away! You had your shot and you blew it. And then there was the bold faced liar. The one who told me everything a woman might want to hear just to milk me for my last dollar.

Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar – YouTube

I didn’t want a relationship with a liar. Let alone a long distance once with a liar that lived with a woman long-term in her very same bed. He raped me by telling me he was living with his friend’s mother and then seducing me when I wasn’t even paying attention to him. And now, he’s in my head, trying to ruin what’s left of my diseased brain.

The disease came from everywhere else, originally, but now it’s mine to fix. Sounds like the same story, different day. My sister was the first to poison the well of my brain. She’d mock and show clear disdain and nothing was good enough for her; she made sure you knew it, too. She made sure you knew she didn’t approve of you. “Were you born in a barn? SHUT THE DOOR!”

She made me believe I was an animal for not living up to her expectations… and then I decided I was an animal because animals are better than humans. They follow predictable rules, animals. They follow their nature. And when you spoil the crap out of them, they’re better than real children. They’re sweethearts that just cuddle and nap together and do funny things that put a smile on your face.

I’m working on eradicating her once again. I guess the first time I just got above her, but now that I’m a stronger psychic thanks to the Kundalini Awakening, there’s no getting away from her vitriol. If anyone peed in Cheerios ever, she ate it. And then she couldn’t stop telling everyone about it, like a broken record that could never forgive, even if it was a nasty prank.

People misbehave because they want love.

They think they have to do XYZ to be loved, which makes them contort like a pretzel. Eventually, they can’t hold that pose anymore and they have to be themselves instead. And that’s when you narcissistic assholes attack to dismantle them completely. You’re not perfect anymore, you don’t deserve to be loved!


This is one kind of rape, honestly. It hurts. It hurts people so deeply, they need decades of therapy to undo your bullshit, asshole. I hope when you get God’s light shone upon you and you are crippled from the shit you pulled while you were alive that it hurts so badly you wish you could escape, only to realize you’re already dead so there’s nowhere to escape to. You’re just going to have to live with what you did until the fabric of existence is healed.

Yeah, that’s right. You Bible-thumping bitches who think you are exempt from being judged for your wrongdoing, especially you. You’re going to hurt quite an awful lot. That’s the Hell thing y’all keep preaching about. Do you know The Holy Bible is written to expose your true nature to your neighbor so they know to exile you and embrace sanity instead? (If they can find it, it’s an elusive beast these days.)

“But Crystol! You got it wrong! We are the chosen favorites!

Um, no. You’re not. I’m that pesky M-word according to the cosmos at large and I’m telling you you’re wrong. You’ve dealt pain without even thinking about it just because you’re hurting on the inside and you don’t want to address it. What’s wrong? Your wonderful priest touch you as a child? It’s a pedophile ring, after all. We all know it, too, we’re just afraid to say it.

We’re afraid to look religion head-on and dispel the fantasy. “There’s a magical kingdom without any pain somewhere and I’m entitled to go there! I’m God’s people!”

Wrong. God’s people are red.




I’m not changing what God told me to suit the lies you sell yourselves, sorry. God explained it all to me. We were not meant to pervert the Earth with tools. We were not meant to bend nature to our will. We were supposed to live with nature. God is everything and everyone as a collective, which means you are part of God. And you are not listening to (HIM | HER | THEM) when they whisper to you what is right and wrong in the back of your mind.

Are you proud of yourself for ignoring your inner children, who are in direct contact with the G-man herself?

All for what? Material wealth that lasts you personally perhaps 100 years at most… and if you could be immortal, he’d find a way to short circuit your stacks to get rid of you because you are not meant to live that long. We’re meant to live about 45 years at the very most and then die to make room for everything else.

That means I only have to wait five years to die. BRING IT! I want it now, plz.


You trade moral decency and righteousness for dollar bills, children of Earth. You have been judged for it, too. That’s why The Destroyers(TM) are coming. Don’t try to dismiss her so easily; sure, she’s crazy. I made her that way so she wouldn’t be dissected alive by assholes like yourselves.

Judgment happened, now we’re just waiting to carry out our sentence. Have remorse yet? Oh, wait, of course not. You’re perfect. You didn’t do nothing wrong. [Double negative intended.]

Soul Man by Sam & Dave on Spotify

So, I’ll just spoil the ending: we all die. We were always all going to die. More like a one-by-one kind of way before, but look what we’ve done, extending breeder lives long enough to have far more children than anyone ever ought to have, overpopulating this planet and cluttering up my Universe with stupid human souls. I need more skunks, yo.

But do you care about the skunks you run over? Not really. Oops, it died! You might shed a couple tears, but within an hour it’s over and done with. We know because she hit a dog and that’s how it went. (Or was the dog an illusion? A test? She says she doesn’t care, she will have to atone for this appropriately even if it was an illusion and test because it’s the right thing to do.)

Every day, we drive to Wegmans to buy something because fresh is where it’s at. Every day (just about), there’s new road kill. She cries, cradling their spirits in her spirit arms and carries them over to the other side by mourning their passing. Why? Because you didn’t mourn it yourself, assholes in SUVs going 10-20 MPH over the speed limit while you are ON YOUR FUCKING PHONES.

I ought to dismantle your entire phone network. How about no-G service? I think your society would collapse in just a few days; you’d throttle each other because your sick way of living has been disrupted. I could be wrong — that would be nice. I hate always being right, wouldn’t you know.


WHERE’S THE EV COMMUTER? I WANT ONE FOR MY GIRL. And a Tesla Cybertruck. One is for getting around and doing next to nothing and the other is for rescuing furniture that needs a retouching and a price tag slapped onto it. We’d get an EV motorcycle with a side car, but those aren’t rated well for crashes, wouldn’t you know?

She always fancied having a motorcycle but she understands the rest of you aren’t responsible enough for her to own one. It’s the most fuel-efficient vehicle y’all have dreamt up and almost none of you have one, unless it’s the kind you can cause noise pollution with, revving it to interrupt the silence all around you like the narcissistic asshole you are. THE ANIMALS DO NOT LIKE THIS SHIT, GET A WORKING MUFFLER.

You know what the messiah was supposed to do? Argue with me that you don’t all deserve to die. She can’t… she begged me to destroy humanity — all primates, in fact — so that nature can reclaim the planet. So here I am, thinking maybe 2.2 billion of you deserve to live, but thinking about the plastic islands in the ocean really burns me up. It’s consuming me. YOU THREW WHAT OUT THE WINDOW OF YOUR CAR, NOW? A PLASTIC BOTTLE? IT ENDS UP IN THE MOTHERFUCKING OCEAN YOU DICK WADS.

That fucking plastic island accumulates three times as much as the non-profit working to clean it up on a daily basis. That’s not even to mention the grocery baggies that sank to the bottom of the rivers and the ocean itself.

If you go scuba diving and you see a small piece of garbage, do you leave it there? Please, pick it up. I know it’s just a drop in the ocean (har har har) but it’ll help. Thank you. Help those animals you like to observe up close. And understand sunscreen is poison. Stop using it. Repair the ozone and you won’t even need it.

“How do we do that, God?” Well, why don’t you try removing the toxins from the water and the air however you can imagine it being done and see what happens when nature is put back the way it should be.


You die without them, after all… even if I never lift a finger. But if I do have to lift a finger, I guarantee you won’t like it. All primates will be wiped off the face of the planet. That’s after I enslave you and force you to clean up your own fucking mess. Did you think I was letting you off that easily? DID YOU THINK YOU GET A FREE PASS AFTER WHAT YOU’VE DONE?

You think free will is something you are guaranteed to? You think it’s an entitlement? Your right? You’re wrong. You will clean this shit up, or I’ll make you. Like a cruel dog owner shoving a dog’s face in their own feces to try to teach them not to go inside. It doesn’t work as well as giving the dog a treat for going outdoors, does it?

I promised you a Heaven if you did it right, but now all you’re going to get is Hell.

I’m mad. It’s an understatement, just saying that. I’m livid. I’m incensed. I’m upset. You’re killing all my other lovely creations, most of them lovelier than you will ever be. You killed them all. 85% of all life is now gone from the face of the planet and you’re about to finish off all other life with that shit you dug up and burned and twisted into a material that never dies.

All for what? A margin. A bottom line. Lining your pockets with yachts. Ain’t nobody need a yacht, bro. You’re all going to die an excruciatingly slow death for that shit, mark my words. You’ll wish I took you silently in the night, quickly, without a sound or a whimper, no pain.

You deserve far more than this for killing so many creatures, including insects. You’re mass murderers, every one of you. Every. Single. One. Of. You. What do you think lawn mowers do? Murders things living in the grass, drives out things that could live in the grass. The grass itself doesn’t absorb much water, so it runs off onto the asphalt, picking up tons of poison and dumping into the natural waterways. Poison, poison everywhere and not a drop to… wait, that’s not how that one goes, is it?


Go on, eat it. You’ll regret it. That’s how I’m going to take your free will away. Enjoy! Bon appetit! Have a nice unlife!

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