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Let Me Soothe You…

“Will you hold me?” he asked, tears in his eyes. Something said or done or experienced brought to the forefront an emotion he had yet to deal with. The angel of love put her arms around him and shielded him with her lavender wings.

“Yes,” she replied simply, after the fact. It was a quirk of hers. She was just as likely to playfully say No after already doing what was asked of her. She was whimsical that way.

After a short while, he turned his face toward hers and asked, “Are you sure this is okay? I feel like I’m bringing you down with me… I should be… fun and happy and go-lucky. We only just met, really! I can’t imagine this is the sexiest approach you’ve ever had…”

“Shhh…” she hushed him ever so softly. “You are not in this moment right now. You are worried about the pasts and the futures, but right here, we are together and you are safe to feel whatever it is you need to feel to heal.”

Tears streamed down his face. He felt somewhat ashamed. A beautiful woman he barely knew at all had her arms around him, comforting him. This was wife work, if you asked him. He thought about kissing her for her extreme kindness and generosity, but he didn’t. He thought it might be better delivered without a thin stream of snot exiting his nose. How embarrassing!

She produced a tissue and offered it to him. “Perhaps this will help,” she said gently. It was as if she was reading his mind. Could she? Was she? Did she know he was hurting from his last breakup and that is why he cried? How shameful was it to cry?

To his surprise, he felt her hands begin to rub over his back. This brought him into the present unexpectedly, pushing those nervous thoughts away. He relaxed and melted into her embrace. She smiled, happy that he was letting it all go so he could move on. She wanted to be the greatest healer in The Universe(TM) after all. She was almost absent-minded when she kissed his forehead gently.

He couldn’t explain what just happened, but he was being suffused with a gentle and peaceful warmth from that singular action. His entire mindset, nay, his entire body started to feel energized. It was as if everything was clicking into place while she held him. Why was she doing all this? What did she have to gain?

She rested her head atop his, her hands becoming still and the embrace becoming more like a simple hug once more. He was afraid to ask her the questions burning in his mind. He was also afraid she already knew them. She was always so poised, so calm, so collected.

“Crystal…” he said hesitantly. “What do you gain from doing this?”

“I don’t really know, Joe,” she replied. “I just know it’s what I want to do.”

His shoulders slumped then, his whole body relaxing. She had zero ulterior motive, if that was anything to go by. That, alone, was incredibly rare in this use them to lose them society. Try it before you buy it and use them to lose them.

Did it mean she cared? Don’t be stupid, of course it means she cares. The entirety of the moment is about caring. Does it mean it’s romantic? Well, that’s another question entirely. “I wish it was romantic,” he reflected, after admonishing himself.

“Is something wrong?” she asked him, her quietude infiltrating him with the tone of her voice. It was stupid to think so, but it was like everything about her was geared toward healing. He shook his head at her, but she continued to look at him with a trace of concern nonetheless.

He crumbled. He buried his face against her shoulder, crying anew. It wasn’t even a dignified cry this time, it was the ugly sort of crying that makes you feel infantile. She was still and silent yet warm and pliable and suddenly he found his lips touching her neck.

She giggled and squirmed in response to that touch, his whiskers tickling her as he kissed her. This wasn’t exactly the response he’d been hoping for, but once he really thought about it… he wasn’t really hoping for anything but acceptance. Giggling and squirming seemed pretty accepting to him, which brought a smile to his face at last.

Her eyes danced with mirth as she smiled back at him.

That’s when he woke up from the best dream he’d had in two years, wishing the angel was in his arms. Maybe he’d see her at work tomorrow, instead. One more day to watch her walk by, paying almost no heed to anything but him, it would seem. His hours had changed again, so he hoped she figured that out by now… he felt like he was dying without her. Just the mere sight of her passing through had more of a profound affect upon him than he even knew… that is, until it stopped happening. That was eight days ago.

“Oh, angel lady, where are you? I wish you’d come save me from myself,” he murmured into his pillow after rolling over to try to go back to sleep.

She wished she knew how to talk to him somewhere safer than his work place. And then she pressed the Publish button.

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