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Girl Nerd Alert

A friend’s video all about Card UI Design on YouTube.

TogiCodes is a fairly new acquaintance of mine, but he is an incredible resource, as you will see from his video. You might need to watch it a few times to really grok everything he does, but for an autistic woman such as myself, it’s perfect. I wonder if he is an autistic man? Hmm.


I’ve decided to “go back to school”, so to speak. I got involved in this group of novice programmers, centralized around a nice Hungarian fellow who is a real go-getter (but not a Go-Getter Greg.) He’s a lovely guy, age 21, and he’s a self-starter. I admire him for his grit and determination, his ability to continue working on a project over a long term simply because it is a goal he’s set.

This is a friend that TogiCodes and I share in common.

So, anyway. Going back to school isn’t really proving difficult yet because most of the reading is meant for people who have never programmed before. Some of it reminds me of who I should be again and some of it reminds me of who I am now, and I really appreciate that. I can see how I’ve grown over my entire lifetime, even if I cannot remember most of my previous life before my NDE (near death experience.)

My idea for emerging as a full stack developer is to rewrite CoffeeMUD with my new friends. I think it’ll fun and challenging and my first step is renovating the web site portion. It’s ancient because Bo Zimmerman wanted it to work on his extremely old computer that he uses as a server. I get it… but I’m pretty sure with a browser update that modern CSS/HTML/JavaScript is just fine as a solution. We will find out… once I’ve rewritten it, I’ll ask him to test it out and give feedback.

Hopefully, he will then adopt it to release with CoffeeMUD in the future. I’m not even sure there will ever be a new release… but, if not, people can grab my version off Github themselves. Keep in mind, nothing has been changed as of yet. This is merely a fork of the latest and greatest CoffeeMUD as of 9/9/2022.

The more, the merrier. Hit me up at Super_Fox#8259 if you want to be involved.

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