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I Am God’s Vessel

I know what you’re thinking. He’s God… he’s got everything he could ever want or need. He’s all-powerful. Almighty. Why on Earth could he ever desire or need a tool in human format?

I tried to marry him, but he won’t allow it. He tells me I’m meant to be with a human being. They’re all animals, we’ve discovered together. I wish I could die now, but he won’t let me. I’m going to live in torment for the rest of this vessel’s life time, which we elongate with every measure we take.

The only thing that ever keeps the men interested in telling them there’s money involved. She’s an untapped gold mine. That’s it. Nothing else keeps them. No promise of everlasting love, no need for hugs and kisses, no amount of adulation, nothing. Nothing speaks to a man’s heart like money.

There are no men left on Earth, so I shall show you the way, children.

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