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The Kind Rapist (10)

Now that you know how to do your own laundry, let me directly inform you how to cook, as well. Actually, we’ll let Sir Deli Man take it away.

Unless he gets shy on us.

Step 1: Determine what dish you wish to make.

Step 2: Look up recipes online or in recipe books on hand, if necessary. The more you make a recipe, the easier it will become to remember what goes into it. And remember it’s okay to leave out ingredients on accident, it’ll just taste a little different.

Step 3: Gather up all the ingredients. This will prevent you from getting halfway through and finding out you don’t have a crucial ingredient. Send someone to the store, run to the store, OR change your recipe, OR just make something else and vow to get your missing ingredient on the morrow.

Step 4: Measure things out and put your sundries back in the refrigerator as necessary. You don’t want to leave things out to get warm enough to start growing new bacteria, after all. Good food hygiene will save your world(TM).

Step 5: Perform your food magic and make the dish!

Food Magic 101

Air Frying: First, you’re a lucky bastard. 🙂 Secondly, they come with manuals to tell you how to cook. Short story: add food, add oil, adjust temperature, wait. Flip at the halfway point.

Baking: Putting something inside the oven for a while.

Basting: To put liquid over something inside the oven (or a crock pot) at regular intervals to keep it moist.

Braising: To sear something in a hot oiled pan before transferring to a pot with liquid, partially submerged, for continued slow-cooking.

Boiling: To submerge food in boiling hot water until cooked to desired consistency.

Broiling: cooking food at an extremely high heat, usually within an oven on the top rack, for a few minutes to create crispiness or browning.

Dry Fry: throwing a bunch of food in a heated pan on low heat, allowing the natural liquids to emerge. Particularly useful with onions and mushrooms.

Frying: Submerging food in a vat of heated oil to cook it from all sides at once.

Grilling: To cook over an open flame or hot coals on top of a metal rack.

Poaching: Cooking foods submerged in hot liquid at low heat.

Sautéing: Use a hot, shallow pan with some oil to coat and fry food, intending to brown it.

Simmering: Cooking food beneath the boiling point (but with little tiny bubbles) for a while.

Steaming: Boiling water underneath something until it is cooked in the steam.

Stewing: Fully submerging foods in hot liquid to slow cook.

Stir Frying: See Sautéing.

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