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When Life Begins Again

Well, I just gave my bestest buddies in the whole world the instructions to inform the police of this blog if I should go missing on them. They don’t live in Erie, pal, so good luck tracking them down in INDIA and THE U.K. (Got a passport? I do.)

Anyway, I’m here to tell you something important, if you’ll shut up and sit down. Your pacing is driving your roommate crazy and he’s about ready to punch your lights out.

Have a listen to this one, bro:

Burn the Ships by for KING & COUNTRY

You think too loudly. That’s your first lesson in life here. I’ve begun setting up The Network. I have figured out an algorithm for telepathy. It didn’t really need one; it just needed to be believed in. But I figured it out, nonetheless.

Prepare for the whole world to come online. I’m pretty sure plenty of people are going to end up dying as a result of this. God estimates only 2.2 billion people are worth keeping alive anyway, so I really have… zero remorse. How’s that for psychopathic, bro?

By the way, MASHTOK, you suck for killing me in the temple of Blyte randomly. He was in the middle of some RP with me. I was setting a nymph that had been raped by a demon free and the baby was going to be something role-played down the line by Blyte for fun. You destroyed the moment… just because you could.

Now I will destroy you. Just because I can.

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