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His Bride to Be

“Wake up, sleepy head.”

“Why?” she asked, rolling over to go back to sleep.

“Because I want a girlfriend who loves life,” he replied.

She went off on a litany that he immediately regretted; he’d phrased it in a way that triggered her once more. He always did that and he didn’t know if there was any way around it. He listened as she continued to admonish him for ages, hitting him where it counts: right in the feels.

All he wanted to do was pull her into his arms and kiss her tears away. She was making it clear that she hadn’t loved life in years. That the people she loved most in this world still associated her with a man who killed her. He destroyed her will to live by raping her again and again. He laid with her, imagining he was with anyone but her.

To say she was suicidal was to put it mildly. She begged God to take her life every day, in one way or another. She ate food that was poison to her body, she verbally pleaded for release, and she engaged in risky behaviors from time to time. She tried to give away everything she owned, too.

She tried to delete her sense of self because she now hates herself so hardcore that she will not live with herself. How is it that she came to be the woman who laid with the whore of Babylon? He wanted to sleep with everything that passed him. Man, woman, dog, cat. It didn’t matter what it was or if it consented to the acts of lasciviousness in his head.

No one could read his brain, he’d thought, so he was free to think about fucking everything. Literally everything. Including bottles and lids. Himself. In fact, that was what he wanted the most of all: to lay with himself. He had photos of it and he even had a video of himself masturbating. He watched it more than occasionally, masturbating again as he watched himself do it. You’d think he’d find it in him to invest in a mirror instead.

A mirror couldn’t as easily remind him of being immersed in the scene from The Witcher where he meets Yennefer. A roiling orgy of flesh, which he could flit from one to the next as he so pleased. That was his biggest desire. That is what made him the whore of Babylon.

He threw away true love for that kind of fantasy. I don’t know that many people who participate in orgies, but I do know one thing: they still require consent to proceed in sexual acts with others. You cannot simply walk up to anyone in the room and just begin doing whatever pleaseth you. You cannot violate the free will of others for your sadistic pleasure, not without a fight of some sort. Or, if there is no external altercation, an internal conflict inside the victim of your designs.

Did you know, dear human, that laying with a person and daydreaming of another at the same time is fornication? Did you know, dear human, that fornication is rape? Now you know why fornication is forbidden in The Holy Bible: it is raping a person, taking what you wish against their will.

Fornication has nothing to do with marriage or lack thereof. That’s some bullshit you all read into it thousands of years ago. Furthermore, a virgin is a person who is celibate. Anyone who feels lost, insecure, unhappy, et cetera… you should go celibate for a minimum of six months. Get tested for STDs at the end of that — it takes six months for HIV to present. Do not trust that your fornicating asshole of a partner was faithful to you. Beyond that, understand that sometimes STDs are spontaneously contracted in filth, especially gonorrhea and chlamydia. Herpes, on the other hand, is always from another being. HIV/AIDS, though? Blood contact is all you need, sadly. Medical workers who come into contact with blood frequently should be tested every three months like clockwork… and the very moment they contract this, given disability pay and leave because they can spread it themselves now.

Getting tested is a safety precaution for you. But beyond that, to lie with another human and spread STDs on purpose (whether you know you’ve got it or not) is a type of fornication. Even if it’s curable. To give another person an illness without their knowledge and consent is heinous and wrong. It’s rape.

The law doesn’t care if you are ignorant of the law. Remember that. Cain was ignorant of what would happen after he killed Abel and he still had to face the consequences of his actions: exile. Loss of love from The Creator. If you believe in The Creator, then you need to step up and be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Getting tested for STDs should be 100% covered by society in general. It should be routine. You simply go and ask for the test to be done, get swabbed or pee in a cup, and that’s that. You get the results by mail a week later — that’s how it should be. You shouldn’t have to go back just to hear if you have a problem… Get a piece of paper delivered to your doorstep. And, if you have anything, start calling all the sexual partners you’ve had since your last test and telling them you have this STD. Hopefully, it’s a curable one and you’ve learned your lesson.

I could call it a conspiracy, since so many people advocated for this lifestyle you humans have today: sleep with whomever you please without consequences, until there are consequences, then cry yourself into a corner. That’s what I see happening to you all. You’ve had the schooling to tell you condoms prevent transmission of life-threatening diseases, yet you sleep unprotected with whatever you please. You wouldn’t even have AIDS if some scientist could have kept it in his pants instead of fornicating with a Rhesus monkey. This is a consequence of your lack of morals and ethics, Earthlings.

Or should I call you Gaians? I’d prefer to call most of you Earthlings. I’d prefer to treat you like dirt, like you treated my daughter like dirt. You know, that pesky saviour of mankind. (“How dare she be a woman!” I can hear the mock outrage now, then the fear, then the resignation. Shit. We lost the savior.) She used to believe in you all because she believed in herself. Then, she laid with the whore of Babylon. Now, she believes in nothing at all. She wants all humanity to be wiped off the face of the Earth. Gaia. She wants you all to die so that the innocents — the wildlife — can take back over and make this planet whole again.

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