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White Washing History

I don’t know how foolish we are as a species, per se, but I’d reckon it’s quite. I was reading the Prose Edda, the first account of Odin’s life.

First of all, he is not a God. He is a mere man. A man with supernatural understanding of the human psyche, I’d assume, given his great success across all the lands.

But that’s not the worst part, y’all.

He’s a TURK.

Do these people look like Swedes to you?

The Origins of Turkish people on YouTube by Ancestral Brew

How do I know, you might ask?!

Odin (and his clan, the Aesir) journeyed out of Turkland and wherever they went over the lands of the earth, many glorious things were spoken of them, so that they were held more like gods than men.

Talk about appropriation. God is disgusted.

Near the earht’s centre was made that goodliest of homes and haunts that ever have been, which is called Troy, even that which we call Turkland. One king, Mennon, wed the daughter of High King Priam (Troan was her name) and they had a child named Tror, whom we call THOR.

These are both in the prologue of the prose Edda. Not to mention how Thor came to be likened to a god: he was quite strong at age 12 and ran off to kill a bunch of “monsters.”

Too bad he couldn’t kill the monster inside his soul, being the murderer he is that killed his foster father and mother.

Odin is said to be THOR’S great-great-great-great-great GRANDSON. (I might not have enough greats in there, the chain is 17 generations long.)

When the king of Sweden, Gylfi, learned of the coming of those men of Asia, who were called Aesir…
Odin established the laws of the Turks in Sweden, patterned after TROY. Then, the Aesir [Odin’s Turks] took wives of the land for themselves and proliferated until the language of Troy was all over the land.
Valhalla is in Asgard, a real place.
King Gylfi, in Valhalla, asks who is the oldest or foremost of all the gods. The reply is that Elder Asgard had twelve names: most strikingly, he was called THE LORD OF HOSTS… which if you’ve read the fucking BIBLE, should look quite familiar. (Revelations is enough to prove that.)
God lives throughout the ages, governs all his realm, directs all things, great and small. He fashioned heaven and earth and air, and all things which are in them. The greatest of all is this: that he made man and gave him a spirit which shall live and never perish. — Reference to the immortal soul, which can go to Gimlé or to Misty Hel in the ninth world.
Asgard is the city of Troy.
Bifrost is a rainbow, y’all.

No, it can’t be! It cannot be this way! Except if you read the Prose Edda Prologue, you will see it says the same thing as The Holy Bible:

The Prose Edda, that which we find all accounts of Odin and the Norse pantheon, speaks of God creating Heaven and Earth, Adam and Eve. It even references Noah’s flood and ark.

Hey kids, I think we’re due for another flood, after reading this passage from the start of the Prose Edda. (Or is it just that Snorri Sturleson was exposed to Christianity? Hmm. Except this is supposed to be a direct translation of it all, y’know?)

“One can also see that although Snorri was a Christian, these myths held a great fascination for him.” — Viking Archeaology

Odin is referred to as God of Hosts.
If Ulysses is Loki… Then who is Ulysses? (You might know him as Odysseus… The hero of The Iliad.)

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