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Past Life Regression

I’ve now mastered past life regression hypnotherapy, thanks to Udemy.

What I really want to talk about is the idea of past lives. Since past lives are reality, that means someone out there is Jesus Christ. It also means someone out there is Hitler. And then I got to thinking… what if Jesus Christ was Hitler?

I know it seems preposterous and far-fetched, but what if Jesus Christ had to try to abolish monotheism as his soul plan and he tried doing it the “easy” way as Hitler? What if he became karmically indebted because of the faith of Christianity and had to resolve it somehow? Hitler was a Christian, at least according to Wikipedia, based on a statement he made in his early campaign days. Perhaps this holocaust is where the positive reputation of the church became sullied… All for what? To end the religion. Having a cult following seems like a chore and a bore to me, personally. Especially one so eager to justify murder in your name.

Furthermore, Hitler was never held accountable for his crimes against humanity (aside from karmic resolution in the afterlife and whatever he agreed to in this lifetime as part of his soul plan.) Would humanity be so petty as to hold him accountable in this lifetime, even though the vessel carrying that soul is not the same as Hitler?

Should we not leave it up to The Universe(TM) to punish those who require punishment? What if you have to do something on the scale of Hitler to become a Jesus Christ in a subsequent lifetime?


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