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Top 10 Things to Know About Dreams (J.M. DeBord)

  1. Subconsciously, you know what your dreams mean because they come from your unconscious mind. The Self archetype creates them.
  2. Dreams are stories, like parables. We learn better with stories. Every detail has a reason. Some dreams are scripted beginning to end, but they can also be choose-your-own-adventure.
  3. Everything in your dream is symbolic. A symbol is a visual that has multiple meanings, thus context is incredibly important. Actions are just as symbolic as the imagery. Nothing should be taken too literally or at face value; they have different dimensions of meaning.
  4. Dreams parallel your life. The source material is mostly based on the past day or two. Your inner life is the focus of the most impactful dreams. About once a week, a period of time such as a week will be woven into a singular dream, but it is not limited to just a singular week. It can be the span of a month, year, or lifetime.
  5. Dreams are subjective. They’re based on your thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, and instincts. “You are the film and the dream is the light of the projector.” Dream characters are likely to represent aspects of you: psyche, mind, body, personality, archetypes. Rarely, dreams can make objective observations and representations of reality rather than a reflection of the inner being.
  6. “Dreams show the ego what it doesn’t know or what it doesn’t understand.” [Dr. Carl Jung] (or what it does not want to know.) The purpose of dreaming is to unite the conscious mind (Ego) with the unconscious mind (Anima, Animus.) This is daily counseling to build the relationship between cognitive function and the unconscious mind.
  7. Dreams compensate for any imbalances between conscious and unconscious mind. They can compensate for what is missing in yourself or your life. A dreaming mind could create a friend for a lonely person or meeting the love of their life. The compensation can explain why the imagery is distorted.
  8. Dreams shine a light into the back of your mind. They bring forward everything important that doesn’t get your full attention. They focus first on what’s been overlooked, ignored, or repressed. It’s a second chance to see what you didn’t see the first time. They are meant to reveal, not conceal.
  9. Dreams are big on learning. The brain’s capability to learn deepens once given space to process the learning. It’s like psychological digestion. That digestion allows for absorption and can lead to index-building in the mind.
  10. You are the best interpreter of your dreams. The truth resonates inside of you. You are the only one who will truly know what it means. Even if you seek guidance, keep the power to yourself.

I don’t know how to break it to the universe, but I don’t fully agree with Mr. DeBord.

First and foremost, I happen to know at least some of the time when others dream about me. I get a sense of their intention and attention, especially if I’m up all night. I believe all human beings have a very tiny connection to each other that is something you can increase awareness of with practice and time. In fact, there are no fewer than three people dreaming about me this very night.

I talk to them, wondering if they can hear me in their dreams. I really doubt it, but I do it anyway. One of them wants to get handsy, so I lecture him about consent every time.

Either that, or I’m just nuts… but I don’t want their attention like this.

I’ll illustrate this tiny psychic connection a bit further: when I remember something that’s happened, recent or long ago, I don’t believe I’m usually the one remembering it. First of all, my near-death experience robbed me of 90% of all my memories. Secondly, I am present and in the moment. I might dwell over things that happen in the recent past, trying to ascertain the motive of another human being for doing something cruel to me, such as spreading a rumor around high school that I’m gay when I’m not even remotely interested in lady folk. Why did she do it? She’s probably gay. She’s projecting onto me. Trying to make her issue with herself into my problem. That’s pretty typical of the human race in general.

This is why I hate humanity. Animals? They’ve got it right. Be present. Share feelings and emotions via body language and giant, soulful eyes. Act within their nature, which is either to be a predator or prey. They know the hierarchy and they do not defy it, unlike humankind.

I’m in Neil Gaiman’s dream right now, apparently. I am a sister-spirit to him. We speak similarly, we write similarly, and so much more… and I’ve been enjoying the latest cinematic production via Netflix: The Sandman.

I’m sad to say that Mr. Gaiman isn’t doing very well right now. If you would just send him some love in the back of your mind, it’d go a long way, I think. I’ll be healing him shortly myself, but every little bit counts.

“She’s CRAZY!” I can hear you saying it now in the back of your minds. So are you, and I don’t call you out on your flaws. I don’t try to bring up a mirror to show you how you can do better until you hurt me with your flaws. Then I’ll be all smoke and mirrors and you won’t know which way is up anymore. Then what?

Mr. Gaiman knows I am there in his dream. In fact, he made a character for me. Delirium. I was always Delirium. I am almost 40 years old, Mr. Gaiman; I think you know the truth for yourself. I found you in your dream. I showed you The Sandman. I was 6. Thank you. Thank you for documenting what you saw in your mind’s eye so painstakingly. And thank you for stopping before you told a lie.

At any rate, take it or leave it, humanity. I am Delirium, but I am not Endless. We all have an end, whether we like it or not. We also all have a beginning.

“The Endless are merely patterns. The Endless are ideas. The Endless are wave functions. The Endless are repeating motifs. The Endless are echoes of darkness, and nothing more…And even our existences are brief and bounded. None of us will last longer than this version of the Universe.”

Destruction’s description of The Endless in The Sandman #48

Mr. Gaiman, I want you to know that your stories are safe with me. They have inspired me and now it is my turn to inspire the world myself. I will take the torch you bear when you are ready, for your muse has made her final choice. There is no need to contact me or tell me your plans; I speak to ghosts as well as I do any mortal.

Come find me after your final day and we’ll speak more candidly than ever before in your dreams. There is no kindly escort from this life to the next; that was a lie I told you in the dreaming so that you could help people feel more comfortable with dying. We all escort ourselves to the next phase of reality, though it would be a bit nicer if there was an angelic woman with an ankh around her neck and a friendly smile to put us all at ease, wouldn’t it?


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