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A Hole In My Soul

No matter what I do, there seems to be a hole in my soul. This makes me sad, to say the least. It makes me prone to weeping in general. Where is that missing piece? Do I get to place it once more within my metaphysical Self and complete the picture?

Umai by Shireen on Spotify

I think I should devise a belly dancing routine to this particular song to keep me distracted until I can move forward once more. I’m blocked by spirits in the ethereal world, clinging to me and tearing at my very essence. Spirits that, when I spend too long learning what seems like useful information, whine that they are bored and that what I’m doing is completely insane.

For instance, I’ve been delving into the metaphysical universe that overlaps the three dimensional existence we are normally acquainted with. It’s going to require a degree in quantum physics (or equivalent knowledge — I see no reason to pay some stodgy institution for higher learning that the internet can give me for free, honestly.)

The metaphysical universe has to do with how we (bio-electric magnets) express our energies in the real world. There are many ancient terminologies that have been long-regarded as supernatural and unrealistic, such as the idea of nerve centers exuding energy as chakras and the body at large exuding an aura with the ever-present exchange of life energy from one atom to the next via an electron cloud surrounding our bodies.

It is important to note that since our energy can extend as far as 60 feet in all directions, it is paramount to cultivate our energies and place boundaries between us and those who cannot groom their own energies by balancing out their systems. Those who only take and never give are dragging down the population at large, keeping them from ascending and achieving their true potential.

In other words, I have leeches, ma.

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