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Sansara’s Reiki Retreat PT 1

Hello, my friends!

Welcome to Sansara’s reiki retreat. There is so much to know, so much to learn. Especially if you, too, desire to be one with The Universe(TM). (Is that pickup line still too cheesy?)

I hope you do desire to be unified with the rest of creation, but it’s okay if you don’t. It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. If it was, we’d already be doing it. It would be second nature. Or that’s what someone who wants to hold you back in the physical plane of existence would tell you. They’re wrong. It takes practice. That’s why there are yoga and meditation retreats to help one learn how to be more than a job. More than a hobby. More than the food we eat and more than our active interests.

I’m going to have to send you to school!

<insert groans here>

Yeah, yeah. HOW BORING, AMIRITE? Too bad! At least this section is free!

  1. Hygge (5 mins)
  2. Color Theory (41 mins)
  3. Connect with Colour – Using Art as a Way of Knowing (30 mins)
  4. Guided Meditation – Accelerated Healing in 30 Minutes (1 hr)
  5. Emotional Eating – Self Assessment (34 mins)
  6. Cancer Nutrition (90 mins)
  7. Raise Your Vibration (3 hr, 5 mins)
  8. Creative Affirmations Class (3 hr, 7 mins)
  9. Reiki: Introductory Course to Reiki! (44 mins)
  10. Live Your Dream (6 hr, 49 mins)

This is just over 18 hours of learning. It might take a little longer if you take notes and do your best job.


  • Hygge is essential to living life in happiness.
  • Color theory and connecting with color is important to hygge.
  • Many times, we are held back by negative vibrations and thoughts and patterns that we do not see so easily. The remaining courses are meant to help us identify and deal with these issues.
  • Meditation is just peaceful rest, essentially. I found the one I’ve included easy to follow. If you do anything visual, like photo manipulation, you can listen and participate while creating art. It will not hinder your experience substantially. I know it’s hard to be mindful while doing nothing, but Johnny John is great at teaching you how to do it, if you can bear it.
  • I do not condone or advise anyone to actually perform intermittent fasting, as suggested in #2. The point of reviewing the course is to learn your eating triggers.
  • Cancer nutrition is everyone everyday nutrition. The object is to not get cancer. In this modern world, we develop cancer daily. We just also obliterate it daily. Stop taxing your body to the extreme by eating crap. MEDITATE to help boost your rejuvenation.
  • The intro to reiki has great information but leaves out some fundamentals that make it easier to practice it fruitfully. Just learn what the dear man has to say, it’s a foundational piece for later.

To become a healer, you must first learn how to heal yourself. That is what these instructional courses are meant to do. If you breeze through them too quickly without meditating on each one, you’re likely to forget everything you’ve learned.

I have good news and bad news. Your subconscious is capable learning for you, but it takes about 100 tries or repeats for it to sink in like second nature. Even if it’s on in the background, it will sink in and you will learn. I don’t think you should rely completely on your subconscious, though; there is merit in taking notes. The physical process of writing will speed up the content retention substantially. Reviewing your notes periodically and adding more data so they are something you can continue to understand and refer to is even better. Even so, know that eventually your subconscious will do the heavy lifting.

Some Music To Help You

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